Well Hey Yo
What's up Juice it's about time that we set it straight
and show these other cities how to represent & regulate
This is how we chill putting pressure on the featherweights
that couldn't go for broke if they resided in a section 8
I laugh at ya'll ta say my city's only basketball
witty hip hop but they too wack to say neanderthal.
hey, hey ya'll niggas don't wanna skwab me
I can hit a rhythm & split 'em
just from the drums off my heartbeat
yo, I can't deny I'd live or die for the streets of Chi'
but there's more than meets the eye
than pimpin hoe's & gettin' high
you do or die, but you could live & do the same thing
my brain sings,
I feel like a puddle that's headed mainstream
& when I'd get there radio would give me more play
but they'd all be shot & talk crime like Rappin'4tay
you know my fo'tay & pretty soon I'm headed your way
like Malcolm X clenching on my glock through the doorway

see I decapitate these rappers in an instant
track 'em down with persistence
my sniper fire hit that nigga from a distance
JUICE he brought the armageddon
fuck Visine, I put the red in
hold it steady 'cause I'm ready to behead 'em
take me light? don't make me fight
fuckin' with the best in Juice, damn right
I leave ya shaky hand and shakin' mics
don't ever test this brown brotha cause it's hopeless
An' I'm a grow 'cause I was planted with seeds of dopeness
I'll break ya bone, bro
And send these rappers to the Jenny Jones show
so you can let your boys back home know
that I'm the microphone pro - professional
I always lock the joint & stay on point like a decimal
bro, ya too slow ta go, ya need ta slow ya roll
I amputate ya ankles ain't no goin' toe to toe
and don't test the status, simply just the baddest
when I innovate I hit a switch make rappers disintegrate
plus these other brothas can't come with no rebuttle
they fly up in the air but get blown up like a shuttle
Cause Juice mack right, attract light like photosynthesis
kid you wack as hell & I'm a put it in parenthesis.
no pause or comma 'cause I'm a keep you fearin' this
you got a question, mark? I'm the nigga here, period.

Doper than? I am
Can ya rock? I can
Ya think ya dope? I do
It's how we chill pt. II (x4)

Now I can bang ya little block
load the clips into the glock
roll to New York & start bustin off lyrical shots, yeah
and then head back over to Oakland
do a drive by just ta make niggas be like "cuz he loc man"
no joke then, then I gots the speed off wit my grandma
all you see is smoke in here, HOOTY-HOO! as I pass Atlanta
This is how we chill so deal wit it
if I was crack then Harry & Barry niggas would probably still hit it
cause in the wil' Onion ya gotta keep copin & scopin
and plus I'm into dreaming with my eyes open
cause nowadays it should be lethal, forget being equal
all I see is all men are created evil
and circumstance guards yo chance to advance
Jah ill, these niggas will kill for real for a ill glance
soon I aware from the boom baps and steel pairs
you knock my body down but my spirit still stands
I'll never fall until I slit my arms
throw you out from in this car
I'm a calm these brothas down like Demerol
yo, you know the demo, how I feel when I flow for real
rappers say they dope?
they musta drunk a glass of Golden Seal
because there is no evidence, there's only hesitance
bring all yo fuckin army I'mma take out all your residents

I'm at the UIC Pavilion wearin MC JUICE medallions
Brazilian or Sicilian, rip apart ya whole batallion
these playalistic niggaz far the Juice the infamous
These Versace wearing rappaz always tryin ta play some pimps in this biz
these record labels sign the most unpresentable
clicks that go platinum for grabbin on they genitals
an' every single day brothas is dyin in my mix
But all they ever rap about is Alize & grabbin dicks
an' you might say who is Juice to try to check somebody else
but it do get kind of boring always rappin' 'bout yo'self
and yo jewelry and yo diamonds
you think that shit is rhymin?
the billboards say your climbin every trend has it's timin' I ain't sayin' no names, but why you bitin' his style?
I'll have ya'll niggaz layin in a casket with ya Cristal
and all the record buyers who be makin' music choices
So why ya be believin all these playalistic voices?
it's all the same, the big willy rap, the unoriginal
got the record public all believin ya'll some criminals
before them record deals they was broke & you can check it
'cause true playas don't have time for makin' records
and no videos, they too busy hustlin' in the zone
& if you got so much loot put out yo records on your own
an' all this east vs. west bullshit need to stop
actin like some little shortys, ain't nobody gettin props
cause if you was you wouldn't have to dis no other state
no other crew no other click to put some food up on yo plate
I'll be like point blank: This whole fuckin industry is wack
but these niggas from tha 'Go gon bring some lyricism back
and alot of ya'll may not like the way I'm gettin loose
so whoever wanna battle ya'll could bring it to the Juice
cause I'm ready for any MC trying to attack me
Rhymefest is on my side an yo my peoples got my back G

[hook x4]

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