I wanna show you that my love is pure
Oh my baby see I ask for nothing more
I wanna show you that my love is for real
Oh pretty girl what gave you the right to steal
My heart, it’s in your hands
Oh your beauty occupies all of my land
Well I am, yes sir, just a man in love

Now that I’ve found you well I know I’m never ever alone
No need for letters, No need to call you on telephones
You occupy my mind every single day and night
Spread like wild fire
People tell me I’m a crazy fool
If I’m possessed then what is there to do
You’re my queen, prettier than the girls in magazines
You make Cupid cry

And I would lay down and die
For one glimpse of those open eyes
How am I to describe
The one who holds the Sun’s Fire

Well I’ve tasted 31 flavors
Seen the world and all its neighbors
But I tell you nothing is as sweet
As the feeling I get inside when I look into those eyes
You choke me up inside and I can’t breath
Tell me what is it I can do
Just to prove my love to you
Tell me how many songs that I must sing
Before I can see you in your glory
Hear your whole entire story
Bathe inside your golden golden sea
Oh I tell you you’re my queen

My eyes are blind
All I can find
Is your love in me
Oh I tell you you’re my queen

I am hypnotized
Oh you got me
You got me drowning in your sea

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31 Flavors song meanings
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    General Commentwhat a beautiful song. well the song's a little self explanatory. he is madly in love and he wants to show this girl it's pure :D
    bostond27on January 12, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthis is a song about the Goddess Kali Ma.
    loveserverememberon March 25, 2010   Link
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    General CommentTrevor Hall in an interview: "I've definitely written songs for girls. Actually one song on this album, "31 Flavors," I wrote for a girl, but she wasn't having it at all. I don't think she really knew the song was written for her. I liked this girl, had a crush, called her up, and you know sometimes, as soon as you call somebody you can tell they don't want to talk to you? Like "Oh. Hi." Literally the conversation was like "Oh, am I getting you at a bad time? Are you busy?" "No, no I'm not busy." "I'm in LA. Want to link up and get some food?" And literally it was like, "Uh, no." Just like that! And she goes "I'm kind of busy right now." And then I got off the phone and was like "I've got to write a song about this!" So that was kind of the inspiration for it. It didn't work. She still wasn't having it. It would've been nice to have one dinner! One cup of tea or something! She was definitely direct."
    empirerecordson March 18, 2011   Link

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