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Sleep this off
sleep this off
your mind is just a loaded gun

you see
assassins on the walkway home
you eat yourself
from bones to bones
to tongues to toes
contractors nor the council
can find the time
to peace your head again

the terror we must
the terror we must
avoid and behold
avoid and behold
avoid and for hold

Lyrics submitted by ElectricBloom, edited by fergo93, udapruda

Titan Arum song meanings
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    General CommentTitum Arum is known in Latin, it's an ancient, rather rare lily from the tropical Sumatran rain-forest. The Sumatrans have a more apt name for it - they call it the CORPSE FLOWER
    Anyone who has had the misfortune to inhale the scent of the Titum Arum is not likely to ever forget it. The smell has been variously described by first hand sufferers as - sickening, revolting, putrid, nauseating, like a combination of dead fish, rats and other sundry rotting carcasses-i dont see this knoledge as being a metaphor for this song????????????
    blocpartyband07on May 05, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI'm not quite sure how the flower has anything to do with this song
    but initially i thought it was about the futile attempt to escape depression

    "sleep this off" -obviously meaning trying to sleep more often to get something off the mind
    "your mind is just a loaded gun"- meaning your mind is full of thoughts/memories (most likely bad ones)

    this bit was the most interesting to me

    "contractors nor the council can find the time to piece your head again"- i think it suggests that the average person cannot help a melancholic person get back in tact with his/her's psyche. "contractors and council" being two different occupations of work, but both having one thing i common-fixing things.
    blocpartyband07on May 09, 2009   Link
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    General Commentbefore your thoughts can fire and werck you, go to sleep. being concious of your surroundings you realize that the people around you are blindly diminishing themselves and trying to diminish you. it makes you wild in the mind. the people who are there to "help" dont get it and dont bother to try and understand all the things we must ignore them because theyre so tradgic but behold them because its everyday lie f. theres my view on this tune:p
    bigkaton January 25, 2012   Link

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