Differentiated the many ways to raise it
‘Cause losin’ the way in the makin’ only hurts where you wanna take it
I’ve been given something I should hold sacred
And if I don’t take it then this opportunity goes wasted
It’s so basic, the meaning is made with a gesture
Invaded from the West and demonstrated with aggression
Feel the trace of the weapon, it reiterates a message
A little bit of effort for the outlining session
It’s now time to let it begin, head to the wind
The second I stand, see less of a plan – it don’t matter, though
In that direction lies the answer so you have to go
And for protection’s sake you never take the path and hold
Let the method make your lesson and you’ll be the last to know
Some of us have nothin’ but a word will make us have it all
Pass it off, time to focus now, that’s what we spoke about
Scopin’ out the whole zone now – no doubt


Dark space I wavered in vacillating, half a day wasted
Askin’ their favor and validation
I play to the base nature, rate the ohms in my low end
Chrome-plated and shown places they’re afraid to go in
The 21st Century fox, rockin’ the lamb’s wool
The psalm chanter with the palm planted on the handle
The panel host, supposedly channeled the holy ghost
I’m down witcha – stand close and get your crown roast
The herd’s served, prefer a touch a swerve in the verve
I learned respect comes first and the check comes third
Now what’s the worth of a bush full of birds to the one I done snatched
When every last one comes when I clap
It aint where you’re from, but son it’s some punished for that
Seen it happen at the pin point pushed in the map
Travelled a global route, wrote it so I know what it’s about
Throw a spark and turn the coldest devout – no doubt

Yeah, I burn a few waitin’ on my turn at certitude
Searchin’ for a heaven ever since interring Gertrude
Went to pen the words to the dirge and dreamt of the image of innocence
Intense, but forgive my indifference
Something ‘bout “I heard it before, you’re all the same” and
I told her we’d never spoken, so you must be mistaken
I thought maybe she turned away for modesty’s sake
Yet as she wept I saw my name along the back of her neck
For pardon I pleaded – evidently she and I were friends
With ten stretched between this apparition and the one then
Would have been little more than a binge had I not
Mentioned I’mma let feeling’s start creepin’ in
The act reciprocated, when the weight stacked, bent like a
Paperback, get away, the kid made tracks
Afraid to speak her name, vaguely I recall it being Faith
Lemme hold out, I’m moving slower now – no doubt

Lost touch but never lost hope
Found direction in respect for the presence of crossroads
Guilt gone, so will be the hill the house is built on
Matter’s not infinite my sin will swim in the Cimarron
Age and they disintegrate – all of we are dust
Appalled to touch, wait until the wind picks up
It’s possibly your progeny in the gust blowin’ about
When he shows, pull them photos out – no doubt.

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