In this current climate of change it seems some things never will
Age of my formation split between the grange and Pleasureville
Skill and dedication, gained appreciation for the work
He’s up early to serve stock feed and tend to burley
Surely this man is a model, though my role is cast in other fields
Typify provisioner, I empathize, a brother feels
Meaning in the motion goin’ out to bring a promise home
Son be there in spirit, father left to do the job alone
Shown the ways of older generations, known little else
Elements affect them all, weather wear the mental health
Down inside the dale driving bales, on his own to think
Arrived with the rye, just shy of mad and prone to drink
In an eye blink, the storm clouds rolled in, tension built
Let em pass, them attempt an intervention – get ‘em killed
Caught up in the tempest, mother suffered nature’s wrath
When the neighbors asked, quick to say she slipped takin’ a bath, but uh…

And when the cops came knockin’, she tell ‘em “I aint talkin’”
The thrashin’ don’t happen often – he’s a hard workin’ man, and the
Baby’s barely walkin’ and the bills aint stoppin’
A day lost will cost him – is it hard to understand
Why the women keep livin’ as the men keep hittin’
Passively passin’ it off as a victim of circumstance
Here’s a whole life given, sacrificed for the children
Let him loose, he’s got no use for a tender hand


Never break, it’s a test of faith, I bet tomorrow brings a better day
Rest your frame, help is on its way, signs are blowin through the weather vane
Death is grace, like it says in James, which of us will be kept to wait?
No don’t hesitate, no for heaven’s sake, just let us pray
The Good Lord’s gonna set him straight

Last year drought took the crops, now facin’ floods
Staples on the table aint enough, what we scrapin’ up will
Go to pay the bank back, partial payment – take that
Life in dire straights will make a stark-raving maniac
Tapped a fifth of vodka, kicked her hard enough to break a rib
Shhh – keep quiet, too much cryin’ she gon’ wake the kids

And when the cops came knockin’ she tell em “I aint talkin’”
It’s only gon’ be a problem when the farm don’t yield
You know a man’s heart hardens when his fam starts starvin’
The wind did in the garden, now the rains claimed the field
I’ll take the weight of the burden if it means less hurtin’
In crisis the type of person you’re with is fully revealed
Things may be more certain if you take away the bourbon
Tired of fussin’ I’ll discuss it when the bones heal


Baby times are tough, but you know you’re makin’ em harder
Household on the edge when you’re wired on that firewater
Daughter old enough to see the evidence, herself
He told her “mind your business,” nothing else, then headed for the shelf
Once he polished off a bottle, started throttlin’ the youngest son
Nest threatened, mama got the weapon, now what’s done is done

And when the cops came knockin’ she tell ‘em “I aint talkin’”
Drop the body in a coffin, dig a hole and throw it in
When the callous won’t soften, it’s only one way to stop ‘em
He’s gone, but not forgotten are the scars in the skin
A mother’s resolve is steady, with the volatile especially demanding
Stand ready for the man to go again
Spent enough time guessin’ if the curse would turn deadly
I heard every word you read me but I’m innocent


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