"yo man i got this dope idea man that i was thinkin about man, i wanna run it by you real quick, what? its stupid? its stupid? nah look just check it out real quick, nah? its dumb? what the hell??"

I'm looking at the clock on the wall
and the time's not pausing or stopping at all
I aint trying to be pompous at all
when I say that my goals I can accomplish 'em all
sometimes I gotta walk through the fog
the fog representing those who want you to fall
my success might make them feel small
saying that its real far that aint real at all
little by little it'll build a foundation
tied and bound together by sound basics
so Del's never found walkin 'round hatin
that would be a waste of time
while I'm watching others make it
I aint in a rush for no dollars
I'm doing this to deliver ya'll a dope product
but always dudes who don't believe
talking bout its not supposed to be

mutha funk 'em
just to see that look on they face
funk em just to see the look on they face (x4)

They call me the funky homosapien
cuz I walk around with zero patience in
the whole earth's surface, population
cuz a lot of these cats won't stop the hating (stop dude)
one of my homies had dreams of doing what he do
but his folks said he couldn't do it
took it as a joke told him that it's stupid
it got to my man now he through with it
yo, I will be the one that will give support
cuz everybody got somethin that they livin for
I told em tell those fools that it isn't yours
and what you got to show for it sitting on the corner?
constructive criticism, I'm all for it
the hateful statements are not important


If I feel the funk, I'm funking em back
a lot of cats feel that its nothing to rap
production is nothin but stuff from the past
well here's a little somethin to get in that ass
what I do is a continuation
of all the great music that blacks was making
always goes to what say is nathan
turn right around with an adaptation
silly, we can recognize the real from faking
robots won't stop we gon' make it
next time someone says your dreams are boulderdash
say you got somethin for they ass
and when it all unfold in fact
just remember I told you that


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