"The light from your mac" as written by Matthew Swinnerton, Alan Donohoe, Lasse Petersen, James Horn-smith and Chris Ketley....
Girl, I slip into your bedroom
The light from your mac cuts through the gloom, like moonlight
Its so fucking grim out there, lets hibernate
I'm sick of people obsessed with there clothes and hair
Never leave london, new york or l.a.
Fuck it, lets hibernate

Its cold and it is late
We both know i should'nt stay
I don't care what your flamates say
But yeah they're probably right
Don't let me stay tonight
I'm drunk and you are tired
Don't let me stay tonight
I'm hard and you are tired

I could crash out on your sofa
But thats not what I am here for
We could do spoons or more
Just don't show me the fucking futon

I can hear your breathing
See your eyes move under lids
As you dream of our future and kids
File away the days regrets

And yeah your probably right
Don't let me stay tonight
I'm drunk and you are tired
Don't let me stay tonight

Yeah you probably had some bad advice
But your flatmates arn't that bright
And ones got a moustache
And she talks a lot of shite

I can feel something is growing
And yeah I ought to be gone
Now the light from your mac is blinking
Leaving is not what I'm thinking

And yeah your probably right
Don't let me stay tonight
I'm drunk and you are tired
So let me stay tonight

I don't care what your flatmates say
You've got that naughty look in your eyes
I'm hard and you are tired
Just let me stay tonight

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    General Commentcome on, this one's great!
    sedativeon February 26, 2009   Link
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    General Commentand it's probably about him being drunk (well, obviously) and it's not a good idea that he stays with the girl, but still he wants to, cause he's drunk and wants to sleep with her? they will probably feel bad about it in the morning, like always.
    sedativeon February 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentGod. The Rakes. Their lyrics relate to me in so many ways. This song especially.

    Have you ever found:
    Every month or so you get that lonely feeling, you know, where all you want is a cuddle, a kiss maybe more but you just want that feeling of reassurance that if you are feeling lonely there is someone you can go to who lusts after you. You don't want a relationship and you are not in love but every now and again you have a pining for them. And when you see them on a night out you talk to them as friends all night, you both know where its going to lead because its happened many times before. You say in your head, 'just being friendly to an ex-lover' but deep down you want that inner comfort that come from sex.
    You both keep your feelings hidden, both of you think that the times before were mistakes.
    It's early morning, you both drunkenly stumble out of the nightclub, you plan on walking with them to their house and say to them "I'm going to head home". They say the words you have been hoping for all night "You might as well stay here". You can guess what happens next.

    Wake up the next morning, regretting. Don't talk to them for a while in till a few weeks down the line, you've had a bit to drink and the thought of them pops into your head and the whole cycle begins again.

    This has happened to me a few times. There is a guy, I don't fancy him greatly but every now and again I want to see him on a night out just so I can talk to him and see where the night takes us. I tell myself I shouldn't go stay at his, but we both know its inevitable.

    ahhh I love the Rakes
    freakystyleyon September 05, 2009   Link
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    General CommentGreat song! I agree with the meanings you guys have said. I can't believe they're breaking up. But at least they gave us this song before they did.
    ilovethekillers21on November 11, 2009   Link

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