When Im floating in the water
And your eyes are lilies all around
When Im lying sweetly in my bed
The sun plays crystal with my eyes

Then I stop
My body stops crying for home
My limbs stop weeping for home

When Im peeping in a parlour of trees
And the leaves are winking all around
Im home, my heart sobs in my veins
But brains they play the softest games

Fingers kiss the string
Mouth taste the blade
Of everglade

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    General CommentHaving spent the entire album in Limbo yearning for a world where he feels at peace with his ideologies and life choices he finally finds that refuge through that of narcotics. It is a uplifting but bleak coda to a contemplative album.

    Hegarty makes total use of the swelling strings, woodwinds, and shrill vibrato heard throughout the album to express a dynamic conclusion. Antony's vocals personify the yearning and mourning expressed through the previous songs on the album in the second stanza. Although minimal at first through his lyrical passages, all the tones are gathered in the final stanza for a profound sense of pride, which is carried through the last half of the song by the instrumentals, showcasing the wonderful musicians involved in this project. At the 2:27 mark we hear the dark cellos once heard before in the first track "Her eyes are underneath the ground". The song is finished by a hushed fluttering of bowing, expressing a sort of underlying aggression or tension. The sum of which produces a sort transcendental piece.

    Antony's choice of words provide insight to the refuge found in narcotics. He uses metaphors, personification, and antherimas to convey lies and disconnection from reality. "And your eyes are lilies all around / The sun plays crystal with my eyes / And the leaves are winking all around " (Lines 2,4, 9) And then the numbing sensation providing release from his pains "Then I stop / My body stops crying for home / My limbs stop weeping for home" (Lines 5-7) And the subtle, but brief awareness of his state of mind "But brains they play the softest games" (Line 11)
    OutsideRoom302on January 29, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAntony said in an interview that the album "The Crying Light" has a lot to do with his environmental concerns; this song is definitely relevant, as the Everglades in Florida is a large, unique ecosystem that is becoming increasingly altered and, essentially, destroyed by human activity. however, i think he writes all his songs to have ambiguous meanings, and narcotic use is definitely an alternate possibility, as the lyrics certainly evoke some psychedelic images, or it could be an extension of some of the feelings described in the song "epilepsy is dancing" which is earlier on the same album
    HiOnMusicon September 16, 2009   Link

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