Get out of the heat immediately
Get out of the heat immediately
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Way too hot
Way way too hot hot

I woke up this morning it was too hot to move
Fan don't work and I'm sweatin a pool
Window frame painted shut, stuck there
Sun fills the room I see the dust in the air
Jumped in the ride and I burned my ass
Heat's magnified by the windshield glass
No air conditionin I feel the vent's blowin hot ass air and it's two cents
The pavements too hot to walk barefoot
You gotta step on the grass even that feels cooked
T shirts stuck to my chest, I just changed it
Beers already warm and ain't even drank it
Old man's sittin in his yard under a tree
Extra weak tryna beat the heat
No clouds in the sky just a big fireball
Beatin on the city and it's bakin us all

The sun was so hot
The heat was hurtin
The heat was hurtin
The sun was so hot

The sun is gettin closer it feels so close
Inside a couch you can't help but roast
Burnt like toast
She hangs above us
Beatin on everyone It don't love us
It's too hot to argue It's too hot to chill
Too hot to cool off we all on the grill
It's like pain in the air big waves of heat
Dryin out trees meltin tar in the street
The hot ball grows closer shuttin us down
Beamin back heat rays up off the ground
Swimming pools dry empty the water is slim
The sky is on fire burnin all within
Metal objects heat up brush fires burn
Animals dyin off it's soon our turn
It's scorchin hot, like a simmerin pot
Drop dead and bake in the parkin lot

The sun was so hot
The heat was hurtin
The heat was hurtin
The sun was so hot

Poundin on gravel, concrete and dirt
Swelterin heat waves when sunshine hurts
The playgrounds desert the city is dry
Rubber peels off tires to the street then fries
The sun don't go down it just stays put
Vampin out life turnin earth to soot
The juices are dried up it boils the mind
Don't look at the ball or forever go blind
It's too hot to hurry too hot to breathe
Treacherous heat waves too hot to believe
The hands melt off the clock on the wall
Fire engulfs us many tiny flames crawl
Too hot to worry too hot to cry
Too hot to let go and too hot to try
Too hot to panic too hot to maintain
And too fuckin hot for my brain

The sun was so hot
The heat was hurtin
The heat was hurtin
The sun was so hot

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