"The Open Door" as written by and Darrell Scott....
Well, it's "fare thee well", my true love
The song is in the air
I hear the West calling
See what's for me there

With the sun I'm leavin'
I'll be Montana bound
Ain't no use in grievin'
I'll show you what I've found

Yeah, some folks have it easy
At least that's how it seems
Reach up and pick an apple
Reach up and find a dream

Some travel in the darkness
And rest upon the shade
Some wrestle with their demons
And face them unafraid

We argue for our better selves
We only ask for more
We take the mirror from the shelf
And find the open door

I love you with a fever
I love you with a past
My heart is a keeper
As long as it will last

As long as it will last
I'll tell you what I know
We walk this road together
And we walk this road alone

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    Song MeaningThis is a beautiful song, especially with the instrumentals. It's obvious what the song is about, and for me it has a lot of meaning. I just think that certain people are called to be at certain places in the world. They know it, and with it they just go, follow after whatever it is that takes them to their sense of purpose, their dreams...whether it's a career, a lifestyle, or a person. It defines who they are, because it becomes their home.
    The ending talks about walking together and then walking alone, and I think it's just a reflection of life's journey. There are seasons when you are meant to stay where you are, stay in a friend or lover's life, and then there are seasons where it is time to move forward, to a new place, a new start. Leave behind the things that once were and journey towards the unknown (thats the part we walk alone to because that is the individual closing and beginning chapters in their own lives).
    Walking towards the unknown alone, are made up of moments of loneliness, scaredness, anxiousness, excitment, and eventual peace. A peace that you are making the right decision somehow, despite not knowing where your journey ends and how you will get there. Life starts with that, and people who are willing to risk the unknown, can know how far it is they can go.
    Two people who have been in my life have taken this journey, and I can honestly say they are where they are supposed to be, and I couldn't be happier for them. I enjoyed the times we walked together...but now it is time to walk alone.
    Steadfast83on January 19, 2009   Link

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