I believe everything happens for a reason
Why did we end up here
Chronarchs dead, nothing left; all seems so confusing
Vortex can’t just disappear

What happens when all the lights go out
There’s no way back; we’re stranded now
What happens when everything goes dark
It’s got no life left in its heart

I’m sorry, I’m so sorry
Seems I’m not that clever after all

Now my race are erased; nothing but the memories
Folktalkes told through time
Legacy meant to be buried with the yale key
And my remaining lives

A green glimmer of hope, we can’t let it go to waste
If I give some of my life, we’ll use it to escape this place
Where are they running off to, I thought that they would care
Try to keep them safe, they don’t know what lies out there

I’m getting old and I can’t carry on

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    General CommentIts about the series 2 arc where they are stuck in Pete's world after they fall through a crack to that alternate universe. The Doctor notices a small glow reflected off of something or other, and realizes that the poor TARDIS is nearly dead but not quite. He gives about ten years of life to that tiny glow, and they decide to give her 24 hours to repower up so they can get the heck out of there. The last few lines would be where mickey and rose take off to seek out family members (mickey's gran and rose's dad and mum) naturally the Doctor tells them not to wander off, and naturally, they do.
    shakespearewoahon May 11, 2010   Link
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    General CommentGREAT song! I know it's about Doctor Who, but can anybody tell me which episode? I'm thinking maybe the impossible planet... Or the episode when they're in the parallel universe and Mickey stays there? I've not seen all the episodes, but I've seen series 2 completely with David Tennant and now watching series 3 & 4. I love the tenth Doctor! :D
    ZoeyDoctorWhoon April 12, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI really like this song! I think of the 1st Doctor whenever it says "I'm getting old and I can't carry on." because he regenerated because he was getting old and couldn't carry on. Y'know, it's hard to believe that all the different incarnations are the same Doctor!
    iamobsessedwivthe1stdoctoron August 25, 2011   Link

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