Immortal Technique – Hero (Remix)

Ey yo,
They said that the success of my music was theoretic,
But my revenge is sweet enough to murder diabetics
Eugenics, Procter & Gamble, credit racial science
Home producing more aggressive intellectual giants
Never bury’em with the bullets left in them
My heart is blacker than the children of Thomas Jefferson
Blacker than back in the day of Tar and Feather in
A cancerous endocrine, the eagle ass American
The hatchet and the sticks, fascist emblem
You could call it conspiracy theory
I don’t give a mother fuck
You could get your mother fucked X3

National Security is a code word for cover-up
Hold that down, I’ll look at character, never let the colour get to ya
I got White Revolutionaries, like Muslims in Chechnya
Percussion thumpin’ like the Russian Mafia over ya
Even they know what it’s like when your fighting for -----
Slavica, Islamic, vodka, gin tonic
Drunken fantasies of cool somber
Here’s the grim logic…

You Niggas wanna play industry, and start to be rich
Until they fuck you for millions, like Paul McCartney’s bitch
My lions live inside a box like Jumanji
Sick Niggas that’ll stab you up like in Dirranbandi
So never, as this greatest space
So as y’all meditate
My thoughts rip through tape, call it metal plate
It’s thought to resonate to the spot where Moses crossed,
The sea that separate, the spot
That the Prophet Muhammad started to levitate
The exact moment when Jesus rose dead awake --- Immortal Technique
Said heart that became Buddha it regenerates
Half of them are over,
But I bring it home colder than dead soldiers
So control hold of a knowledge
So fuck Dianetics
I’m like the whole librarian chemist with
Annunaki GeneticsX2
Go look that up, figure it out – INVASION – IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE

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    General CommentTheir might be some mistakes with a couple of lines, but it was quite hard to interpret the song without any help from other sources, I did my best to put it up for you guys. If you guys have any suggestion on correcting it, please send me a message I'll do my best to reply you and correct the lyrics. Other than that, I think it's more of a freestyle that took on a different form after being rapped on different occasions. When I listen to this song, it gives a certain vibe of energy that just gets you motivated. Overall, it's a very good remix, and it should become popular as it becomes widely available across the net, either via YouTube community or other various underground hip-hop websites.
    - peace. seKo
    synchrophobiaon January 16, 2009   Link

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