[Chorus: Scratched soul/N-Tyce 'black to the point' sample]

As-Salamu Alaykum, yeah, peace to all
Listen to the knowledge I install
I'm young but far from dumb
Some are pulling triggers at our heads with a gun
No, I'm not a preacher, so I'm not going to preach
My point is to reach and teach each
Some black sense of wisdom
And accepts what a dealer gives them
Not on the dope that I supply
It's a substance used to get you high
Your mind, a terrible thing to waste
Get naturally high from this freebase
That I deliver, it sooths the mind
Legal, doesn't involve crime
Exit your body from the drug scene
I'm here to speak the point of view of a teen
I'm getting black to the point


Prejudice, one main issue in society
I feel that music helps with its variety
It educates you in styles an artist brings
Notice the difference from a rapper and one who sings
Rap originated from the NY streets
The talents of a poet to rhyme to a beat
A technique with most versatile but now
Only those commercial artists sell
Freedom of speech for peace was a tradition
Why is the first amendment a main issue?
Officials worry about what you are speaking
When people in the streets are being killed and beaten
Concern should be focused on that
But they lack interest, why? Because most are black
If everyone was blind, there would be no color
Then we'd be the same amongst one another
Black to the point


Jealousy, is that really necessary?
Sometimes, that situation gets scary
For example, I'm classified as an mc
Dumb people say my mind is empty
Why? Cause I have talent they lack
Others say this because I'm gifted and black
But I have enough sense to ignore this
I don't settle problems by using my fists
Although I swing as I hear a beat
I use my mic and my mind to defeat
Never, would I try to use a weapon
To me, that ain't nothin but half stepping
And when you stop, you should step to us
Together we live, then divided we fall
All the violence needs to decrease
Stick together and increase the peace
I'm getting black to the point


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