"Stay With Me (Feat. Ny) Acoustic" as written by Niklas Jarl, David Stenmarck, Andreas Carlsson and Niklas Jarl....
Brother and sister together will make it through
Some day a spirit will take you and guide you there
I know you've been hurting but I've been waiting to be there for you
And ill be there just helping you out whenever I can
Everybody's free
Listen this ones for all the ones showing love, it's appreciated life's crazy man listen to the lyrics

Stay with me don't fall asleep to soon the angels can wait for a moment
(they can wait for a moment)

Stay with me don't fall asleep too soon the angels can wait for a moment

listen, listen to the words

[verse 1:]
Don't cry for me when I'm gone no point of wasted tears our time will come one day and I'm just confronting my fears though its not really a fear its more like a destiny some times I sit and wonder is this life really for me, coz I've seen, heard, felt, I'm done. I hope you're proud of where I've come, you've seen me grown an helped me thou, an there is no repaying you, I'm here an I feel like I'm delaying you, betraying you, an when I'm gone I hope there's sum1 saving you

Stay with (i'm gonna stay, listen) me don't fall asleep too soon (i'm gonna try not to) the angels can wait for a moment (they can wait man, I swear)
Stay with me don't fall asleep too soon the angels (im gonna hold on) can wait for a moment

[verse 2:]
I wanna see your face every time I come home coz I can't leave you like this in this cold world alone, but, in this live were livin hu knows when ill be gone, I don't wanna leave you wiv wot ifs, now I'm in for long (to the world) there's to much to prove, an sometimes I wonder wot I really have to lose, an then I really see its not all about me, I wanna show you from this harsh mad reality, its real.

(like, lifes risky sometimes, but really, you gotta take your chances)
Stay with me don't fall asleep too soon the angels can wait for a moment( its crazy look)
Stay with me don't fall asleep too soon the angels can wait for a moment
(listen 2 the words)

[verse 2:]
To the world,
Lifes a game an we need to play it correct, do the right moves an don't get caught up in ldza mess, be calm don't be stressed, be sure to pass ya test, stand you're ground an don't let others put you to the test (repeat)

Stay with me don't fall asleep too soon the angels can wait for a moment [x3]

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"Stay With Me" as written by Niklas Jarl Andreas Carlsson

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Stay With Me (Feat. Ny) Acoustic song meanings
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    General Comment“Stay with me” by DJ Ironik

    I think that he wants to write about love, and he loves someone that have died or is really ill and don’t have much time left. It is probably about someone in his family or wife/girlfriend. He wants a second chance with that special person. He doesn’t want the special one to leave… at least not yet. But still he needs to let go, he can’t hold on forever.

    Stay with me,
    Don’t fall asleep too soon,
    The angels can wait,
    For a moment

    But it can also be about something he have done and he regrets it, he wants to make everything right again but it is too hard. He hopes that everything can wait, just stop the time for a while.

    You’ve seen me
    Grow and helped me through,
    And there is no repayin you,
    Im here and I feel like im
    Delayin you, betrayin you.

    When I hear this song I get the feeling of love, regrets and some loneliness. Someone is leaving and he doesn’t want it to happen. But the one who is leaving can’t wait, but he has so much that he wants to tell this person. They want a second chance of a good life together.

    I wanna see you face
    Every time I come home cause’
    I cant leave u like this
    In this cold world alone

    I think it is a really sad song, because he sings that he wants happiness with someone and that someone can’t help him. But he shouldn’t be sad, it is no point of being say, because it won’t change anything.

    Don’t cry for me when im gone
    No point of wasted tears

    I guess that you can write so much more of this song but that is what I think about it and it is one of the best songs I have ever heard because it have so much emotions. And I don’t want to chance anything because I think that it is a great song.

    If a got a chance to change the title it would be to “The angels can wait” and it is just because that he sings it so much that they should wait, they can give them a moment.

    The angels can wait
    For a moment

    The song got an easy lyric if you ask me, it is a language adjust for teenagers. There is not so much slang, I could find in some words he takes away a letter, for example: betrayin, it should be a g in the word to but it isn’t. And some things in the song does he repeat and that is the chorus but that is the idea of a chorus.
    Nadis711on February 04, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationThis is a song about life and death

    Stay with me
    don't fall asleep to soon
    the angels can wait for a moment

    The person is dying, but the other person don't want them to die too soon, and asks the angels to wait so they can have more time.

    The rest of the song is like a parting note.
    iamvincentlon February 17, 2015   Link

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