uh ya ya yo

[verse 2]
everybody wanna test me especially the mc's against me
the rest be the critics and the bitches that stress me
catch me smokin wet leaves wit the sensi
unless we drinkin Hennessy mixed with Pepsi
if you ready to bring it son, like Bruce I'm swingin son
and I'm a beat your ass from here to kingdom come
and just when you think it's done the Abbott'll bring a drum
and knock you off the stage that you singin from
cause when I'm drinking rum anything can happen
I'll dis you when I'm rappin
hit your bitch in the back end
pull out, come in her face and put it back in
J-Love up in the place let's get it crackin
smackin foes with masterful faster flows
smash ya nose & leave yo ass in a casket closed
at last it goes we be harassin hoes
my passion drill will beat everyone's ass suppose???

If you see me at my instore & tell me that some other rapper drinks more...
If you dis us in a write-up & we see you at a nightclub...
If you pussies on the internet are bitching that our album isn't finished yet...
If I'm trying to get my knob slobbed & then you step in & cock block...

[verse 2]
If ya'll piss me off I got a prescription for
a horse steroid called Wisterol
I live ta brawl & I ain't even fightin fair
I'll kick ya balls like bitchy broads to my Nike Airs
to rip them raw
I'm like Mickey Rourke after a six or more
& bar flys starting bar fights & whiskey wars
the immature kid that swore until his lips was sore
even sticks & stones
this is for sure: don't leave your chicks alone
casuse I aint' just a fighter I'm a lover too
I'm bashin Casanova, passin over ugly shrewds
J Love & Lou, do not attempt to adjust your tubes
we're as booze drenched & drunk as you
we stumble through like a one legged man
with his stump removed
drunk & doin one minute keg stands
unfinished eggs can't crack the way ya heads gottaj
we'll beat ya ass like a pair of angry stepfathers

if you invite me to smoke then go & light up a roach...
yo if ya mom don't get her tired ass off my lawn...
if you're a bouncer asshole tryin ta take my drink after last call...
if you're a chick givin me head & you let my babies drip on the bed...

this ?? is like a high school
I'm a have to beat your ass before class
& then I'll take your geek hall pass
if the fake police walk past I'll dip in the bathroom
don't laugh dude
I'm coming back and rippin yo ass soon
at last Lou, I'll pass through to share his last brew
and ask who wants to get served quick, like fast food
I snuffed a rent-a-cop who said he caught the scent of pot
I said it was the stench of twat from a dirty reverends box
this chick needs to bless the crotch with the salt & vinegar
before we finish her because the scent is sort of sinister
I'm a call a minister to do an exorcism
cause it smells like someone died inside her screwing mechanism
dude, step rinse ya kitten you sewage infested pigeon
cause ?? is kickin like two mexicans fishin
yo Lou go get the izm cause I need to puff
cause I'll beat the fuck outta everyone if I ain't weeded up

if you crew sluts don't clean ya mouth out with a toothbrush
if you runnin ya mouth about me fuckin ya spouse...
if you wanna talk trash then I'll smack yo ass you lil slut
girl if you lie about your age and they dump me in a cage...
if you're a hussy who won't try & give up her pussy...wooh!

You know what I'm sayin!? You slut bag sore of a whore!

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