"Rip Rip Woodchip" as written by and John Williamson....
What am I gonna do?
What about the future?
Gotta draw the line without delay
Why shouldn't I get emotional?
The bush is sacred
Ancient life will fade away
Over the hill I go
Killing another mountain
Gotta fill the quota
Can't go slow
Huge machinery
Wiping out the scenery
One big swipe like a shearers blow

Rip rip wood chip
Turn it into paper
Throw it in the bin
No news today
Nightmare dreaming
Can't you hear the screaming
Chainsaw I saw more decay

Remember the axeman knew their timber
Cared about the way they brought it down
Crosscut black but tallowood and cedar
Build another bungalow pioneer town
I am the bush and I am koala
We as one go hand in hand
I am the bush like Banjo and Henry
Its in my blood gonna make a stand

[Chorus: x2]

Rip rip wood chip
Turn it into paper
Throw it in the bin
Don't understand
Nightmare dreaming
Can't you hear the screaming
Stirs my blood gonna make a stand

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"Rip Rip Woodchip" as written by John Robert Williamson

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Rip Rip Woodchip song meanings
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    Song MeaningWell i think it might be about a man who grew with around or in the bush who obviously gets upset about the fact about they are cutting all the trees down and they way of life he knew is slowly getting destroyed and not just his but the birds and other animals that need the bush,What would they eat?,Where would they live?.

    The chorus is about how they turn the trees into papers which get thrown away after they have been read and he's wondering why no one can hear the screaming(Trees after all alive they sort of breathe who's to say that they don't feel pain as we kill them)

    The next bit i think is about the axemen who used to cut down trees for firewood and to build towns for the pioneers who didn't cut down more then was needed

    He goes one to say that he is the bush,he's the koala and the birds and trees and that he's going take a stand against this destruction that man creates

    The "Throw it in the bin - don't understand" i assume might have been about about the fact we go out we but the newspaper,read it and throw it away but don't understand what excatly the people who cut down the trees are doing to him,the animals and the planet.

    Sorry got a little carried away
    DarkxGoddesson November 22, 2009   Link

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