his indiscretions, you dont mind
he says your thoughts need for
but your forms not hard to find
these late night sessions, hes master still
another lesson leaves you twisting to his will

every night he comes and goes again
if it isnt right it isnt him

he makes corrections, you shut the blinds
youre talking less and less,
but the words arent hard to find
his last suggestion, it makes you ill,
still one more lesson leaves you twisting to his will

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The Tenure Itch song meanings
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    General Commenti disagree, i interpreted it totally differently...
    i thought it was about a girl in a relationship with a sexually abusive partner
    smittenkittenx3on February 07, 2010   Link
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    General CommentWhy can't this be about a teacher/student relationship that is also abusive?

    There's definitely a teacher thread in here, otherwise words like "he says your thoughts need form", "late night sessions", "lessons", "he makes corrections" wouldn't be necessary. It could be simply a reference to a master (who would be a teacher-like figure in this dominant/submissive relationship). However, I think it implicates an actual teacher because of the title. "Tenure" is what a teacher receives after so many years of teaching at particular place, whereby that teacher is given additional rights and protections against being fired (for more info, see: wordiq.com/definition/…). I think this all ties in to the overall thread of the song. The girl has been in this relationship so long that she has a hard time breaking away from it, finding a reason to "fire" her lover (the teacher). The lessons are sex, and after each session the girl is twisting to his will even though she knows she should get away. Additionally, I think the line "every night he comes and goes again" means that he gets off and then leaves (possibly because they can't be together due to other issues - so they can only enjoy the sex together). This could be why she wants to get away, because she knows it can never be more. At the same time, he keeps pulling her back into his world. The line "if it isn't right, it isn't him" means that any other attempt at being with someone has left her longing for him. This could also be about a male/male teacher/student dom/sub relationship depending on the persuasion of the lyricist.
    asSTARSfallxon December 20, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis is a song about student-teacher relationships.
    gmags2003on September 06, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI interpreted it as a girl who is in love with a guy that is non-committal. Everytime he comes and goes she tells herself she's learned her lesson. She tries to be with someone else, but it doesn't feel right with anyone but him. He comes back saying he's changed but she doesn't wanna let him back in and doesn't have much to say to him anymore. But what she does have to say isn't hard to put into words. Then he suggests they part ways for good, and it makes her sick to her stomach, another lesson learned: she can't live w/o him and the cycle starts over again.

    I probably just see it this way b/c i'm in a situation like the one I described and just made their song fit my life! :p

    The cool thing about songs that are open for interpretation is you can make them your own!
    smskarletton May 01, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI agree with smittenkittenx3, I think it's about a girl in an emotionally/sexually abusive relationship.

    his indiscretions, you don't mind - she knows he cheats on her but she doesn't care. Maybe it's because she doesn't really love him and doesn't mind if he's with another.

    these late night sessions, he's master still
    another lesson leaves you twisting to his will - Sexual. Probably like a dominant/submissive type thing.

    he makes corrections, you shut the blinds
    you're talking less and less,
    but the words aren't hard to find - The guy's controlling and always correcting her, like she's always wrong, so she just stops talking.

    his last suggestion, it makes you ill,
    still one more lesson leaves you twisting to his will - Again, it's him forcing her into sexual acts she doesn't like.

    Aquarius121on July 27, 2010   Link
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    General Comment"He says your thoughts need FORM"
    botonazulon September 28, 2010   Link

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