[Verse 1:]
You couldn't burn me if you were a nerd with CD's
Couldn't burn me if you were a whore with VD's
Mike Jordan couldn't burn me if he ate his Wheaties
Paid off the referees and broke both of my knees
I'm hot, even Lucifer would get on his knees
Beggin' me please to drop the heat a couple degrees
Fuck with me... please
I can get your chick on video tap
Naked, like Girls Gone Wild on Spring Break
I'm damagin', got more dark power then Anakin
Mannin' my cannons to shoot a cannonball
I'm slammin' y'all, through the wall
Talk about the weapon that your brandishin'
I've heard it all before, like Sunshine Anderson
Me without beef is like a pervert with no porn
A ice grill like barbecues in a snow storm
My rappin' is hot, I'll put a crack in your ice
Ap is precise like the government with a trackin' device
I hawk spit, quick to shit talk
Y'all could never see me like Bloods that Crip Walk
Bullets fly by and give your mullets a crew cut
My crew gets souped up, so Put Ya Dukes Up

You suckas wanna fight?
Put Ya Dukes Up!
You wanna get hyped?
Put Ya Dukes Up!
We could do this all night
Put Ya Dukes Up! Put Ya Dukes Up! Put Ya Dukes Up!

You wanna grab mics?
Put Ya Dukes Up!
You wanna try to bite?
Put Ya Dukes Up!
We could do this all night
Put Ya Dukes Up! Put Ya Dukes Up! Put Ya Dukes Up!

[Verse 2:]
I just copped 2 G's from a show but I'm probably gonna blow it
You'll find me in the Acura drivin' it like I stole it
Youl wanna diss like you got a trick up your sleeve
Fuck spittin', you would need my permission just to breathe
It's deep, your girl loves when I rock to the beat
She probably knows all of my raps backwards in her sleep
I'm the cat bitches follow, make chicks swallow
Cause I get more head than that ghost from Sleepy Hollow
I got a magical spell, as vicious as voodoo
Your jealous cause I mack hotter bitches than you do
I'm A, P, and if you don't know the rest
Lift up your girl's shirt and read it off her breasts


[Verse 3:]
My new slang burns through your brain like butane
I got a stronghold like the top of the food chain
You turn from black to blue like a mood rang
I'm hard to the motherfuckin' core when I do thangs
You wanna trip like you didn't tie your shoe strangs
I'll have you holdin' your face like bad tooth pains
I got a mansion that's bigger than Bruce Wayne's
That's where me and your girl bang like two gangs
I got a bigger bomb than Saddam Hussein's
To try to lift it's weight would take two cranes
I'm trying to see a lot of cream like Wu-Tang
So I boost chains and stick up the number 2 train
I like ménage à trois, that means two dames
You stick chicks who rock thongs with poop stains
We bringin' pain cause the Demigod crew reigns
And y'all still on the block rappin' for loose change


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