yeah, yeah. Ronny Mulholland got something for ya each
right!? right!?

I got the type of formulas that can make me skyrocket
and never again walk around with dry pockets
I think a few cats is waking up to that fact
but not ta prove a point
just to move a few joints & ligaments
bigger men can walk without a puff-head, nuff said
I stay down to dirt, watch me work with the evidence impressing, as fans aglow
kick it with my fans on the road
and bring 'em a load of new cassettes
every city holds a little bit of magic
from stank hotels to clubs I visit plus mics I ravish
I do some typical rapper ish and mack of it
not trying to come off like my history's immaculate
I got a ill side and a chill side
depends on the mood in the air
still I care of who my friends are
alot of names you're gonna keep over the next few
we honest workers, that's the reason the checks grew
now you could do the research and find out it's all true
nothing's worth hiding while the hi-hats riding
I'm all to enter this here to make errors
then hold me back, I'll make a rapper face terror!
it takes the elixir of life, all my travels
and concentrating on battles & titles
cause I've had all that before
plus a million crazy all nighters
now I'm working on being just a bomb songwriter

I like to cool out, ain't nuttin' so outrageous
just tryin ta have a good time & make that ish vibracious

there's too much stuff in this life we pass by w/out notice get old and wish that we could once again hold it
I'm glad I took the road to slim chance of makin it
the biggest challenge I ever seen
in the land of the Evergreen
Pacific Northwest where there's much to consume
and on this side of the border we always took the shorter
end of the stick
working harder than our counterparts
and see that not knowing is the same work as strolling
holding on, blowing on the nights hoping for a piece of it
nothing to spare just the pressure I'm incresing it
without sounding paranoid I like to say I saw you front
I heard everything it takes, is it all you want?
Now, hold a little fame? Well have it while I have mine
well I'll have you know that you're to blame that I outshine
never doubt what you don't know about it's about time
to kill all that whinin'
do something different wit that mouth-
I'm an easy man to please without all that flashy ish
I like the coffee & donuts, ya see my passion is
not limited to what you make it out to be
if you agree and feel the same way, give a shout to me...

[hook (x2)]
I like to cool out, nuttin' so outrageous
just tryin ta have a good time & make that ish vibracious

now this last verse here, we're gonna talk about those traits and how to avoid it in the shape of relation
with folks you get involved with you just gotta expect an occasional shipwreck & going neck to neck
like honey, who I adored and a punched lip
but then I split town & returned
I leave her messages that she don't return
and when I get 'em, she make it like I'm trying to split em
tellin me her ex & her is back together
goodbye. you're much too young in the head to deal with
now how about that homey that you tried to be real with
you tried to open doors for but he pass that ish by
too late to take a chance, you let that well go dry
sometime you might regret, what's up with that regular ish
instead of adventures with folks like we is s'possed to hit
this time you're right man, I am talking 'bout you
if I didn't give a F I wouldn't speak how I do
yes, yes things like this got me ripping out my hair
I need a break and relax and get a bit of air
some time to think of a plan
kill that stress for a short time
but I gotta admit all that bad ish make a dope rhyme
so it's all to the G double O-D
and stay connected & there'll be less ish to mess with
ya head,
you take a hit off before it becomes a problem
until then, I'm basking in the sun


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