We'd like to do a little number. It's for Mary Jane. Mary Jane was the first girl who ever asked for my autograph; I gave her three different names. And this song is a love song. I learned this song in Santa Monica, inbetween surfing and screwing little boys in black leather suits. Just like the Bay City Rollers and Rolling Stones and Johnny Rotten, all our songs sound the same. This is a slow number...

Mary Jane
Got your name from a letter
Mary Jane
Got your name from a letter

Love you like no other
Love you like my brother
I made love to your bottom
I made love to the Führer
I'm gonna be a boy
Gonna be a girl
Gonna fuck your bum
Gonna fuck your world
Gonna be a loving boy
Gonna be a loving girl
Mary Jane

Mary Jane got no pain
She got no ax to grind
She walked out the room
She fell on the sink
She said I look neat
She said I look kind
She said I'm real good
But I'm not anal
A is for anal
I'm not anal
Anal, anal

Mary Jane
What a pain
In my bum
I'm gonna be a young man
I'm gonna make the world cum
On my face
Make a lotta white liquid
In your anus
Gonna be a young man
Gonna get a record contract
Gonna be a lot on main street
Gonna be in America, New York, London, Paris and Rome
Johnny Rotten
Sex Pistols
Gonna be a little boy
Little girl
Gonna be the queen
Anybody you want
As long as I'm famous
Beautiful, and rich
Give me money
I wanna have a record contract
All I care, Mary Jane

I got your autograph
I got my autograph
I got it from a letter
Got it from the dark
I'm gonna be here
I'm gonna be there
Don't let nobody pay
Nobody way
Gonna be punk
Gonna be new wave
Gonna be the one
Gonna be famous
Mary Jane

Got to be a fucking hero
Got to be good
Got to be bad
Got to have a record contract
Got to be a hippy
Dippy hippy
Far out
Fuck off
Got to be a murderer
Got to be a hand
Got to be politician
Got to be the land
Got to be big
Got to be small
Got to get fucked
Got to be running to every war
Got to say "Lovely" for every cause
Got to be ugly
Got to be famous
Got to have a record contract

I don't want to make a record contract
I don't want to be a supersonic
I'm not in The Damned
I'm not in the Pistols
Up your arse
Up your dildo
Your arse
Your arse
Up your arse
With the Pistols

I've got to go
I've got to go and be strange
But not too strange and get a record contract
Then I'll be famous
Then I'll be rich
Then I'll be a someone
Then they'll all love me
Then they'll come and pay a lot of money
And if I'm too good
I'll get on Top of the Pops
And I'll be really rich
And I can go make a lot of money
Sid Vicious
He's so sweet
He's so nice
I put barbed wire around his cock once
Mary Jane

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    General CommentAnother scathing critique of how easily "counter culture" figureheads in punk were absorbed into the torrent of fame and wealth of the mainstream. But Gen's singing it, so better add some sodomy bits just in case! That's a great statement though; "The first girl who asked for my autograph - I gave her three different names"
    Durandal1717on December 20, 2008   Link

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