Hey there pal won't you gimme an ear
Gimme your everything and keep your fear
Godly voices telling me what to do
They're out for palpitation
Then leave you to your desperation
Take you and tie you and run over you

There's no resistance to the cry of the sirens
Calling you - a razor edge affair
You close your eyes boy
She tears your lids in two
Never even try to miss she's there

And then when the time pieces shatter
I am baptized by the attar
Right into heavens door

Sex Fire Religion
Visionary position
Angel in your temple of pleasure
Sex Fire Religion
I been granted admission
Angel in your temple of love

Wicked wild m'am with a bag full of tricks
And up shit creek there I'm stuck in a fix
Strikes like a bolt from the blue
The siren baits with lubrication
Then she steals your habitation
Rides you and ties you and runs you

Maybe she don't know love
But she knows how to make it
Divinity is running down her skin
In the city of evil we touch the sky
Let the ride to paradise begin

And when the time pieces shatter
I am baptized by the attar
Kick down into the pie

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    My InterpretationOh boy I will use some vulgar language because that is unavoidable. Don't shoot me for saying this but I believe this song is about having sex, specifically anal sex. This whole idea comes from the second verse of the song, when it says "And up shit creek there I'm stuck in a fix" now this phrase has two meanings, a literal and a metaphorical. Metaphorically as many know "shit creek" means in trouble or a predicament. Now literally it actually means shit creek as in creek where something flows down, specifically shit and this stuff comes from the ass. So what he could mean here is that he is stuck in an ass. Specifically in anal sex this happens. He is stuck in it because again the other meaning is stuck in a predicament, now the next line confirms this when they say, "The siren baits with lubrication" means that using he is lubrication, usually you use it before you stick it in but apparently he did it after which kind of proves (to me at least) that he was stuck in her "I'm stuck in a fix" and then he used the lubrication to become unstuck. However that is just my second verse thoughts on what it means.
    GoldenGuy444on March 04, 2015   Link
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    General CommentI'm a little upset, because I always thought he was saying "Missionary position" in the chorus to serve as a double meaning of the word: 1. a simple, yet fantastic, sex position (which was created by America...you're welcome) and 2. for the member of a religious group sent to spread teachings. Oh well. This is one of the more like-able songs on Tinnitus Sanctus, though, as it is quite catchy.
    KennyL9590on March 02, 2017   Link

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