I will follow perscriptions
I'll call in the morning
Or as soon as I wake up
I'll do my best to remember
It's just I get to bed so late
And it's noon when I'm awake
I will take two and I'll call you
We can talk about the past
All my favorite mistakes
And we will give eachother nicknames
And I will talk about the weather
And you will change the subject
You will chastise me and say to me
"Adam I had heard that you were better"
I'll laugh and then fall silent
And we'll hang up without saying goodbye

I don't mean to always be the victim
In fact sometimes I wish I'd done the crime
So prosecutors please don't let your guard down
I ask of you your patience and an open set of eyes

I'm sure it's raining
Somewhere in the world tonight
But here it's as clear
As I've ever seen the sky
So I'm staring straight up
Just to try and find a cloud
For proof that what goes up
Must come back down
Cause I appreciate the certainty
The laws of gravity
And the knowledge that I'll always have my friends
It's times like these especially
When everything seems incomplete
And I'm struggling with identity
I start grasping at solidity
And I feel to an extent that I've been widowed
That I woke up too late one day
To find the life I knew had passed away

I don't mean to always be an actor
As I recall I never wanted the part
I'll stick it out till curtain call tonight
But as soon as the lights turn on, I'm out of sight

I will hold fast to tickets
And I will memorize locations
And I will see you soon
Or maybe reconsider
You know I have to do what's best
And I am not afriad
And I know what I am missing
I'm reminded every day
When I'm told how much
I still have yet to gain
It's just a matter of the proper motivation
That I lack
But I don't believe in that
No I don't believe in anything
And I've stuck myself behind this fence
Of reddish, rusted hue
You can try to get me out
But I don't believe in you
And I've heard that if I clasp my hands
And kneel and sing a song
That that would turn my life around
But I don't believe in god
About a year ago I wrote a book
On how to help myself
But I've forgotten how to read
And so I don't believe in me

I don't meant to always be a downer
But some days that's the only way I think
I'm living with a name I don't remember
So I have to call and ask her and she'll say something like
"Adam I am tired of this weather
Up there it's far too cold
And it rains all day back home"

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