Norwegian Viking folk music constellation WARDRUNA - which features multi-instrumentalist Einar "Kvitrafn" Selvik, Gaahl (ex-GORGOROTH, GOD SEED), and vocalist Lindy Fay Hella - have their music featured in History Channel's new TV series, Vikings....

This will never end
'Cause I want more
More, give me more
Give me more

This will never end
Cause I want more
More, give me more
Give me more

If I had a heart I could love you
If I had a voice I would sing
After the night when I wake up
I'll see what tomorrow brings

If I had a voice, I would sing

Dangling feet from window frame
Will I ever ever reach the floor?
More, give me more, give me more

Crushed and filled with all I found
Underneath and inside
Just to come around
More, give me more, give me more

If I had a voice, I would sing

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"If I Had a Heart" as written by Karin Dreijer Andersson

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If I Had a Heart song meanings
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    Song Meaning:Death. The song is about death. Death has nor heart,death has no voice.
    But death always wants more...
    archyron March 19, 2013   Link
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    General Comment:This song, and especially music video, is about the childishness of people who are dependant on the concept of 'leadership'. It's about ignoring how the day-to-day of buisiness as usual negatively impacts people, and feeling unable to say anything about it, but hoping that by the morning a solution will have presented itself. It's about filling the void of freedom and equality with consumerism. The idea is that the average person is satiated by having and getting "stuff", and therefore nothing radical will change.
    c0intelpr0on October 27, 2009   Link
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    General Comment:The children are being taken away, escaping, from the materialistic society that has distorted them and robbed them of their voices. The adults are soul dead, despite their wealth, and have lost their humanity (heart.) They are obsessed with acquiring more and more and have lost the ability to see their children as beautiful beings, or even to love them. Fever Ray has used the unkempt swimming pool and powerful water imagery in other videos as well as images of aboriginal face and body paintings, perhaps to evoke a more real and earthy spirituality. Can't venture a guess as to what the German Shepherd dog means-perhaps it is looking for the children. It would appear one child was left behind in its distorted state-perhaps too fearful to leave.
    Spinmammaon March 27, 2013   Link
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    General Comment:The song is about Death, as if sung by Death.

    Norwegian Viking folk music constellation WARDRUNA - which features multi-instrumentalist Einar "Kvitrafn" Selvik, Gaahl (ex-GORGOROTH, GOD SEED), and vocalist Lindy Fay Hella - have their music featured in History Channel's new TV series, Vikings.

    Original lyrics written by Fever Ray, and sung by Wardruna for the Vikings movie.
    It's a dark song about Death. Death has no heart, nor a voice, but always wants more. The tune is hypnotic, a tune Death would sing to you to entice you to give up the Battle, whatever battle you struggle with.
    debrabion April 08, 2013   Link
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    My Interpretation:These comments are about Fver Ray's "If I Had a Heart." I think the interpretations about post-natal depression are very good. However, I think this song is operating on an even more primitive level. Perhaps the PND is the triggering event in the present but I think there is a huge subsconscious component that is addressing her own preverbal experience when she was a baby (she is associating to that, whether consciously or not) and subsequent experiences when she was very small (hanging feet from window frame, will they ever ever touch the floor?). This could be an image of a child attempting or wishing to escape from a traumatic situation or event. The deep baseline contributes to the sense of something from the depths of her unconscious, or as the poet Theodore Roethke said, "Deep in the brain, way back."
    magicconversationon January 29, 2010   Link
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    My Interpretation:this is an amazingly beautiful song about an unborn baby talking to his/her mother from the womb...

    "this will never end
    cause i want more
    more, give me more, give me more" = baby wants to grow, needs food, energy

    "if i had a heart i could love you
    if i had a voice i would sing" = a beautiful line how the child would love the mother if it was born

    "after the night when i wake up" = the moment of birth
    "i'll see what tomorrow brings" = and the first moments in the "tommorow" world, the child will look around and see what the days will bring

    "dangling feet from window frame" = beautiful metaphor for the womb with the baby inside (if you ever looked at ultrasound pics of an unborn baby, it looks exactly like this

    "will i ever ever reach the floor?" - baby wondering if ever getting born
    baby wants to come out, need more food to grow: "more, give me more, give me more"

    "crushed" = in the moment of birth when baby is "squeezed" through, wich can be compared like a "crush"
    "...and filled with all i found underneath and inside" - filled with everything wich found and got in the womb
    "just to come around" - coming out to you, just for being there....
    more, give me more, give me more"

    ex77on June 03, 2010   Link
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    General Comment:I think this song is about our society and children representing the next generation. Our society wants more without considering the environmental and moral aspects, and our children are the "sacrifice" because they will suffer for our mistakes.
    mayak102on February 23, 2013   Link
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    My Interpretation:A person who has been warped by the world.
    Namely, war.
    Finds himself without the ability to feel love, compassion, or even speak for himself.
    Trained to the world's war-torn banner, he only does what he knows.
    The "feel dangling from the window" can almost be interpreted as a desire to end his life from the misery of a life where he only knows how to serve.
    NeilEvaanon April 05, 2013   Link
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    General Comment:Dangling feet from window frame

    Crushed and filled with all I found underneath and inside
    Just to come around
    shnugen17on December 18, 2008   Link
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    General Comment:I love the song. Same vocal pitch effects that she used to such great effect with The Knife, but much more ambient/drone based backing than anything that The Knife did.

    I'm very anxious to get my hands on the album.
    shnugen17on December 18, 2008   Link

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