Goapele: "flow" (x8)

Straight foward puncher man, I got to get through to you
Mix what I do with Zion I is special, and you knew it too
Time for your mind expansion, and we on the grind
Answerin the question to where the hell am I gonna find bliss
My souls music is timeless
Keep it close to your heart, it's art at its finest
A pint is not enough liquid courage to go around
So when I draw from this universe, I put it into the sound
Would have been lost, but found myself in the process
Of gettin up over and over and dealin with God's test
You're best to beleive my quest to releive pain
it still remains
But frame by frame we make the sickest scene
The most equipped of teams, tower with tall torches
Only the weak-hearted wilt like cowards with no voices
Of course the choice is yours, pick the lock to open doors
Get the crop & go for more because it's pure and
Wherever the wind blows, me and my trusted pen go
And at the drop of a ten cent coin, I let these men know
Get past the windows, the walls, and the fences
Let down your guards and come to your senses
Let it flow..

Goapele: "flow" (x8)

I sit back, relax and vocalize my free-dom
cause some tale of emotion locks inside of me
I play the lottery of life, run the rule of roulette
pullin the card but it's hard not to sweat, place ya bets
you ain't a gambler? well circuit, Imma handle ya low
I got some tools for the small to grow, uh-ayyo
I let it flow, I bring it lower than the cold
an my ebony soul turnin to diamond cause I'm dying to know
what is the process? we droppin this
genesis apocolypse, the opposites
you can't have light without the dark-ness
we're Spartacus, Musab, Django, and Orion
I'm before yesterday and tomorrow I'm magnifyin'
I'm the lost hope, the love we be scared of
the child in the big green field who wants a hug
I'm a natural, black classical, thoughts generate
pressure build, always cut the skill with some heat
my vertigo halo, sometime you shouldn't say no
we clean out the stuff to see, spit the Draino, let's go...
eh, eh, eh - let's flow...

Goapele: "flow" (x8)

I seen sideway days with a slight gray haze when the right ways, they don't pay
But they build personality and character, originality will carry ya like a chariot, any area
While others stare and laugh, me I'm just preparin that
Passion pent to the point where one can only dare to act natural in my prescense cuz we're all of the earth's essence
Bring it out from the root, sing it out like some true feelings
Uninhibited from the ceiling to the floor
And beyond what man's made, cuz I stand for so much more
And I plan for that, though, but can't demand for that so
When I don't know, I let the wind blow

I spend my days in a limbo where the sun is a temple
an' we all walk around laughin' indo
it's like a maze what I been through
though it all seemed so simple
hindsight, 20/20, yet it's hard to continue
now when the style ain't really versatile
an you get caught up lookin out the window
I mean, don't be watchin' me when you got someplace to be
suckin' nipple
blank ya own reign cripple...so let it flow

Goapele: "flow" (x8)

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