It's ten more steps to the tributary and we got more lines to initiate. We got another angle and another way to seal all roads and ties, just stay deadpan. She knows it's a multi-angled sort of classless form of dichotomy. We gotta sleep down party lines and manage zeal as we both resign, we both resign. It's one more time we consolidate them. It's one more time we initiate them. It's just one more time we posture up and speak in bursts of latency tonight.

I could save us all, or I could lead you home, or I could wait and then asphyxiate your every thought and word. Then you could act inept and put on reaffirmed contempt as we doctrinize our standard practice when we have a mark to synch.

She slips into something textured and we delegate accordingly. We've got our closers down but she navigates the field and we both resign, we both resign. Let's supplement our anatomy.

You and I are just Charlatans

Can you pull yourself together when it's scarce and they're branching out with new technology? Maybe we're indifferent or just prepared but we section off and sing to beats we perform.

You can stake your claim in the tributary. I'll forget one more time.

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    Song MeaningMonday, July 07, 2008

    lyrics 1
    This song is a story about traveling salesmen from the post Civil War era exploiting the poverty that followed (we've all taken Jr. High social studies). The basic theme of the story is to point out that a person is a salesman most of the day, selling their personal brand, to members of the opposite sex, or same sex for that matter, co-workers, friends, etc. It's also about the fact that we, most of the time, pretend that this type of interaction doesn't exist. I'm not saying that it's a good or bad thing (that theme will run throughout the record) just pointing it out. Some sexual encounters are good examples of this because this pitch is so exaggerated but not acknowledged, and may end up more resembling a political debate. That's where the line "You and I are just Charlatans" originated.

    I'm gonna leave the rest up to interpretation but if you have any questions feel free to message us or ask at a show. We'll be posting more dates in a few days. The release date should be coming soon as well.


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    MorseCodeStutterson August 01, 2010   Link

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