I separate the game & truth
the truth of game, the game of truth
All we do is separete the game from the truth
the truth from the game, the game from the truth

You can either play in the game or control it
either be the boss with the biggest dick or just hold it
your pussycat raps deserve caps
rockin my style, you stole it
smuggled hip hop like the slave-trade and sold it
to every Tom, Jack, and Billy, wannabe Willy's
you know before Garcia's was Phillies
.38 specials was 9 milli's
crack was krillies, you knew the deal not the dealy
figure this, niggas is jiggy that jiggy this
platinum with stones crusted on the mic
plus ice on they neck & wrists, is it game or truth?
Fake niggas is Abe Lincoln, I'm John Wilkes Booth
hatin' like crack fiends on the reup man waitin, uh
sellin ya soul half price to satan
we enemies like Oswald and Kennedy, but no speculation
just that magic bullet marinatin'

Game is...the big time, the big shines
Truth is..you walk a thin line, never make a thin dime
Game is..you all about it, I doubt it doubt it
playa, playa do me a favor, dead that til later
don't get me wrong I'm not a hater
I'm talking to small timers that front major
but can't afford to pay the pager
truthfully the game usually amuses me
look at this whole shit, I miss how it used to be
cause back then before rappin was actin
those makin dough from lights, camera, action
was just a fraction
your skill's barely passable, you laughable
you think you're Castro?
You're mixed up like caserole
straight pussy masingil
to be factual you can barely hold a Jackson bill
let alone half a mil
leave it alone when grown folks is speaking
game is for you to decide the true meaning

Game is...the Range, fast lane
Truth is...no change, no fame
Game is...Cocaine, the high life
Truth is...nosebleeds, skiid nights
Game is...the road to riches, mad bitches
Truth is...codependence, convictions
Game is...ice links and drunk sprees
Truth is...weak drinks and fake minks

I hate bitches, fake bitches that take riches
gold diggers, snake bitches, straight chickens
Game is when bitches act brainless
they do the same shit
to whip the Benz or ride the Rangers
they chase the famous then everything changes
you was the latest, now you just a played bitch
girls look so good but they brains' not ready
so I hit em wit' the cheddy, don't wet me
I separate the game so muthafuckas can get it straight
light weights often die from high stakes
I grab the average bird double fisted
spitting the hottest lyrics
leaving their face, neck, and hands blistered
the hardest MC's go limp wristed
exploit metaphors like whores in various ways
you never knew existed, the plot thickens
there oughtta be a novel by Charles Dickens
"Attack of the Gold Diggin' Chickens"
I keep chicken feed in the form of cheap malt liquor,
some cheesburgers, and hydroponic weed, indeed
my style's been trapped like 2Pac
on a late night stroll in Death Row, but now it's free
while ya'll stay skii'd, I stay tree'd
the 9th inning & these so called playas got the lead
now that's some shit that's hard to believe...
it's hard to believe

Game is...everybody knows ya name
Truth is...fifteen minutes of fame
Game is...rap stars, fast cars
Truth is...you paid the price and gave ya life

I separate the game & truth
the truth & game, the game & truth
All we do's separete the game from the truth
the truth from the game, the game from the truth

The problem with you is you're too greedy
you smoke them beedy's, your weak cd
can't fuck wit you on GP
you see me with no frills
record label must smoke krill
most of these rap acts got no skills
truth is the odds are better winnin' a million in Bingo
than sellin' a million singles
reality versus fiction
the truth is you need to stop sniffin' and do something different
listen, your Willy status burned out like Philly ashes
whip crashes, life flashes before your eyes like matches
money's too tight to mention
so stop pretendin like you've been spendin
half these kids rap like out of work actresses
face down, ass up on cheap mattresses
what's beef? Transparent cause I see through beef
lost ya fronts, now you got see-through teeth
the name J-Son plays on
big up to heavy drinkers while the herb tokers blaze on
til the smoke makes dusk look dawn
Kreators, separate us, kings from Pawns

Game is....Truth is.

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