"Walk the Line" as written by and Kristian Matsson....
Well it's the season of thunder
And the season of rain
All the little angels are growing wings of pain

And I see no point in asking
There's no point of return
When I steal those rings I know I'll have to burn

He said you bring me down, oh child
He said you bring me down, oh child

And I will fly through the lightning
When the thunder will strike
All tomorrow's parties will dance before my eyes

I will scream like an eagle
When i fly above your house
Just to bring salvation to peasants and their wives

He said you bring me down, oh child
He said you bring me down, ohhhh child
I ain't gonna walk the line

Well I see Jesus and Judas
Making love now of course
And all the roman emperors hanging up their horse

And I see no point in landing
I see no need to learn
Cause from the day we're lifted we know we'll have to burn

He said you bring me down, oh child
He said you bring me down, oh child
I ain't gonna walk the line

I said please don't shoot me down
I said please don't shoot me down ohhhhh
I said please don't shoot me down
I said please don't shoot me down ohh
I ain't gonna walk the line

I feel the arrows and bullets
They are combing my hair
And all my feathers falling so slowly from the air

And from the speed of my body
Earth will pile up my bones
From my little skull oh just a little whisper comes

Ohhh you bring me down, oh child
He said you bring me down oh child
I ain't gonna walk the line

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    General Comment"all tomorrow's parties will dance before my eyes" - velvet underground reference
    natureisthewaytogoon June 26, 2010   Link
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    General CommentTo me, this song is narrated by an angel (or God?) despairing over the state of humanity. Hence the multiple celestial and war references. We are "bringing him down", by being callous and belligerent.
    corroboreeon November 26, 2010   Link
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    General CommentOnly one word wrong. "When I steal those wings" not rings. Hince the flying about in the rest of the song and what not.
    SidewalkJohnnyon September 30, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI agree with Corroboree, i reckon it's about God or some equally divine being commenting on the state of humanity
    SpringStingrayon November 29, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationSo I could be completely wrong, but I feel this relates to the fall of an angel? Maybe the most famous of them? If you read Paradise Lost, he really becomes personified as a tragic fall rather than merely being a purely evil creature.

    The "I ain't gonna walk the line" referring to disobeying God? Followed of course by the "Please, don't shoot me down" then the falling and defeat and stubbornness of "I ain't gonna walk the line."
    aaronmh92on October 12, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationI believe this is a song from the point of view of Lucifer as he falls from the grace of God. In the beginning of the song he is being warned by God with the “You bring me down, oh child” saying, and he doesn’t say “I aint gonna walk the line” in that verse, because he hasn’t actually disobeyed God yet. God however being omnipresent is already aware of the coming transgression. This leads Lucifer into believing that his fate is set in stone, hence the saying “when I steal those rings I know I’ll have to burn”. He doesn’t even consider that he won’t steal them. He has no choice, but it is a choice he will make no matter what because he believes he is right in doing so, and God is not saving “the peasants and their wives”
    The reference to Jesus and Judas appears to be a snide jab at Gods way of teaching people. Lucifer believing that the better course is to simply save them. Almost a challenge of free will.
    The meaning of the line “You bring me down, oh child” changes meaning throughout the song starting with sadness on Gods part, evolving into anger on Gods part, and ending in sadness on Lucifer’s part, saying to God that he has brought Lucifer down, not the other way around. The begging of god by Lucifer, hoping God will see that he was right, but knowing the whole time “from the day we’re lifted we know we’ll have to burn”.
    It really paints a beautiful picture of corruption at the foundation of religion, and misplaced belief, as well as unearned faith and trust. It lets the open minded listener fall prey to the best lure of the Devil. He doesn’t believe he is evil, and is capable of great love and true compassion.
    brad109953on June 06, 2016   Link
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    General CommentI am quite surprised nobody mentionned this but for me, the meaning is clearly about adolescence.

    The season of thunder; little angels growing wings of pain.

    It is related to the passage from childhood to the more turbulent teenage years. The parents don't want the child to bring them down. The teenager will not walk the line. Read the lyrics back while keeping this in mind and it does fit to almost every line
    Ziraffeon March 19, 2018   Link

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