I've been dreaming of sailing away
I'll build a boat out of paper-mâché
No belongings of any concern
I will be gone long before you will return

How can you try to hold on to
Names unequipped with a face
Look closely behind the ones in your mind
And safely beside the one that your heart believes

You're breathing life into brown paper bags
You set one down, so I took a drag
I can feel you in my lungs
Think my heart might jump the gun

Who would you like to hold on to
And who would you like to erase
Cause I can't decide, my heart and my mind
They don't think straight, they don't think straight

We've been very obsessed with the time
Picking the the scabs that have grown from our minds
The world is a wonderful place
I wish I were there, I just can't get excited about space

We've been so damn obsessed with the time
Picking the the scabs that have grown from our minds
The world is a wonderful place
I wish I were there, I just can't get excited about space

Can't get excited about space

Now who would you like to hold on to

And who would you like to erase

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    General CommentMan, I love this song! Definitely my favorite of the new DEMOs.
    I think this song is about choosing to forget about certain people, like choosing to erase certain photos from a camera right before going on a trip where you'll be sure to fill it with more photos. There's probably a more specific meaning, though. I'm not sure.
    UltraBlue412on December 15, 2008   Link
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    General Commentfirst aid thats why these guys are so bad ass! you CAN and absolutely should go deep with their lyrics. its such a sick song. powerful, intense, and whether or not im feeling what they want me too, i get chills every time i listen to it. i personally take this as a song about depression and moving on and talking yourself out of it. moving past the destructive thought patterns/relationships that we want to hold onto but cling too thinking they define us or make us better.
    takenbylordgoldon May 11, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThe woman singing sounds like Regina Spektor.... wish it was.
    Its Bibis Ellison for anyone who is wondering.
    TheLoveAlchemiston June 14, 2010   Link
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    General CommentOr, he's singing the ugly story of your life for all the world to see and savour.
    MJBooon December 01, 2010   Link
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    General CommentFor me this song is about how a man has been suffering a poor relationship with his girlfriend. he dreams of running away and being happy but in reality he cant bring himself to do it.
    when he wakes up from his dream of running away he asks himself how she can want people she hasnt even seen to be hers or want her, also he starts imagining why she does it and his conclusion is that she is following advice given to her by someone to always have a back-up ready.

    then he starts telling her how she is giving bad, ugly, unworthy people a chance with her when she doesnt need to if she loves him. he tells her how he has seen her dating one of these people and how he had to resort to drugs to try get over the pain he felt. then he remembers that every time he took a drag he longed for her and he could almost "feel her in his lungs".
    He asks her to accept him, to take his heart and everything precious to him.

    Then he confronts her again and asks her who she would rather have. him or them.
    and when she cant answer he asks her who she would rather remove from her life.
    He asks her these questions but he is also asking himself the questions because in truth he doesnt know anymore. His heart still longs for her but his mind tells him she doesnt feel the same. he leaves and spends the night at a hotel.

    then they both lay down in bed, restless, and think about how life can be confusing and how they dont know what they want.
    They both know there will be other good people out there waiting for them.
    both of them wish they had the relationship they imagine with other people, but they dont. they're with each other in a totally different relationship.

    The next morning the man returns to his home and one last time he asks her who she wants and she doesnt want. hoping for her to want him.

    i think i went deep enough with that.
    First_Aid...anon December 29, 2008   Link

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