I’m a bloody lunatic, I know for sure
I represent the millions on the earth
I represent the millions without a cure
Think twice before you say you know what we’re worth
I’m only trying to get away, away from her

But time’s still young and so am I
I’ve lived my half before I die, before I die

I’m a loony, might be crazy
Please excuse me if I’m lazy
She can’t help me, this is true
And now I’ll write all my songs for you

She doesn’t know the meaning of it all
She doesn’t really understand the golden rule
She cannot understand why someone would tear down a wall
She didn’t take the offered love, she’s such a fool
I’m only trying to clear my head to hear the call

It defies all the rules that you heard before
I’m only trying to find the door, find the door

I don’t you know you, never seen you
All I know is I didn’t queen you
I’m not your friend, I hardly met you
I’m only trying to forget you

The May Queen’s in my pocketbook of those I know
I tore the first name that was there and threw it out
She knows the things up in here and down below
I lived a while with love, now it’s time to live without
I’m only trying to find the door so I can go

Love is a great thing, so let’s create some now
Because you don’t know and I do, I’ll show you how

We won’t take the stuff you give us
We won’t live the lives you live us
We don’t want the food you’re chewing
You don’t know what we’re capable of doing

I’m a bloody lunatic, I know for sure
And I’m living all my life without a cure
The May Queen knows how the other fell from grace
And now she’s gone, I don’t want to see her face
I’m insane, no cure for crazy
I’m the one who isn’t lazy
I’m a daffodil, not a daisy
‘Scuse me if my world is hazy
‘Scuse me if my thoughts seem hazy
‘Scuse me if the words seem hazy
‘Scuse me if my purple’s hazy
My different shade of purple’s hazy

My life breaks the rules that I heard before
I’m only trying to find the door
So I can go…

You can’t make me, I can’t make you
You won’t take me, I won’t take you
All your life you’ve been a fool
No more bands from Liverpool

My life breaks the rules that you heard before
I’m only trying to find the door…

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    My InterpretationGreat song. :D To me, it seems like some "random rhyming nonsense" designed to create a certain mood, not necessarily make perfect sense. It sort of reminds me of bands like Yes and Pink Floyd, who write really far-out lyrics. And, you've got to love the Jimi Hendrix reference in the tenth stanza. :D
    Sandwich-Mastaon December 08, 2008   Link
  • +1
    General CommentWell, I "random rhyming nonsense" is sort of harsh. I suppose I mean that it's one of those fantasy-ish songs, sort of like stuff you'd hear on Queen's "Queen II". No clue what it means overall, but that's what makes it cool.
    Sandwich-Mastaon December 08, 2008   Link

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