Shepherd of Deception
Cloaked in the skin of their own
Waits in incubation to spread disease
A sinister growth gestating in the whore of God
A parasite's host; glorified charlatan
A virgin womb defiled with the slithering parasitic seed of the Xenochrist
Adequately equipped with weapons of manipulation
Prophet of contamination
Bow to the savior of the fearful and desperate
Lured with the promise of eternal life
(An enigmatic) sentinel of malevolence
Dispensing false salvation
Prophet of contamination
Bethlehem will burn
Shepherd of deception
Prophet of infection
Behold the Xenochrist

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Xeno Christ song meanings
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    General CommentThis song is about Jesus. They are saying He is the Xenochrist.
    "Cloaked in the skin of their own"- Jesus is one of the illuminati's reptilian species but in human form, sent here to deceive us about the truth of reality.
    "Waits in incubation to spread disease"- The disease is religion and ignorance.
    "Adequately equipped with weapons of manipulation"- The illuminati has access to infinite consciousness, thus Jesus knew exactly how to spread this lie and convince the whole world it was true.
    "Lured with the promise of eternal life"- That is one of His weapons of manipulation, people are sacred of death he promises an "escape" from that death.
    If you guys looked into the theme about this album at all you'd have figured this out. Lol
    And btw demons, aliens, extra-dimensional beings, angels it's all a matter of semantics!
    buchy1369on April 16, 2012   Link
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    General CommentXenochrist is Jesus. Jesus in the first place IS the shepherd of deception, the prophet of contamination. The whole idea deceives you in the first place....god, heaven for the good, hell for the bad. His followers and believers....fools. The whore of god....mary, the virgin womb. The savior of the fearful and desperate himself, Christ. I'm pretty sure the song is a reference to Christ as the alien parasite in the first place, created to destroy mankind....which religion seems to be doing quite successfully.
    KrackedJarson December 17, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe CD is about fucking aliens,
    the song is talking about ALIENS coming down to earth (shapeshifters) and leading us through deception and thus leading us to the fall of man because of an alien reason. Just because someone is a Shepherd of Deception doesn't mean it has to be Satan. Anyone can be a deceiver, and in this CD, it's about shapeshifting aliens.
    dreamdeceiveron February 28, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song is definatley talking about the anti-christ. If you study Satanism, we basically came from aliens. Thats the whole theme of this album. Xeno- meaning, Alien, strange, or guest combinded with the word christ (Xenochrist) is a foil of Jesus christ, who came down from heaven and died for our sins. Well The Xenochrist comes from another planet, and will desieve many to fallow him and cause distruction.
    I'm thinkning they are basically refering him to the anti-christ, but just in the terms of satanism.

    "Shepherd of Deception, Cloaked in the skin of their own" - Satan as man

    "Waits in incubation to spread disease, A sinister growth gestating in the whore of God" - being held in a special place or somewhere where he (Xenochrist) is living as a young boy. Could also mean that he is just growing in the womb. Druning incubation, all of his darkness is growing and being held within the "Whore of God". I thing whore of God means the Xenochrist is basically a joke of God, and is rediculus when compared to God. He is Lower than God.

    "A parasite's host; glorified charlatan" - Parasite being Xenochrist, host being a human. A Charlatan is basically a conartist, a deceiver. This charlatan is so good at deceiving that he is actually glorified by others, or looked up to, honored.

    "A virgin womb defiled with the slithering parasitic seed of the Xenochrist" - the Xenochrist is so dark that he defiles the virgin womb. The Xenochrist is like a parasite growing within the womb.

    "Adequately equipped with weapons of manipulation, Prophet of contamination" - He has the mind of Satan. He is smart and can manipulate people very well. This is his weapon. Being a prophet of contamation, he leads poeple to contamination (satan/sin). Kind of like moses, but moses led people to God.

    "Bow to the savior of the fearful and desperate, Lured with the promise of eternal life" - This Deceiver (false God/Whore of God) promises eternal life to people who are desperate to find the savior (God) and are fearful of hell.

    "(An enigmatic) sentinel of malevolence, Dispensing false salvation" - A mysterious person(xenochrist) who is acting as a gaurd of evil, but he really is the evil. He promises to save everyone (False God), but leads them the wrong way.

    “Bethlehem will burn" - the symbol of Jesus' people will burn (God's people will be missled).

    "Prophet of infection" - Leads people to be infected (be missled to satan)

    "Behold the Xenochrist" - He is born. He has begun his reign apon the Earth.

    This is all explained in the book of "Revelations" in the Bible. This is what chrisians believe will happen in the future.
    Shanespectreon December 09, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think it has to do with God but through the eyes of somebody who believes David Icke. How religion is created by a group of aliens in another dimension that created humans in test tubes (not even kidding) to be slaves. Religion was created to keep wars going between humanity and "xenochrist" means the aliens that created humanity.

    The entire album is based upon the book "Children of the Matrix" as Wikipedia tells me, written by David Icke. Interesting stuff.
    kylevateron August 05, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI believe the song is about the anti-christ, they could have also gotten the song meaning from from the word Xenocryst. It is a crystal, an igneous rock that is foreign to the body of rock in which it occurs.
    Iwilleatyourfaceon April 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis seems to be and interpretation of a small part of the Bible's description of the end of the world. Which is when Satan reigns for a period of time. Of course being a secular band, The Faceless would leave out the part after words when Jesus returns. Upon His return Jesus will destroy Satan and anyone loyal to him. In other words they're dwelling on the negative, and giving a blasphemous description and mockery of Jesus Christ and His life. I also think that the "Alien" theme lulling people into thinking that this is only about aliens is rediculous. The songs lyrics are a cover up of the description of the anti-christ. So while it may be easy to think that "Xeno Christ" is only about "aliens" really not.
    HisHands16on July 12, 2010   Link

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