There's a gap in the 20th century,
and it fills the world with dreams;
When you've got the looks then the rest just works,
if that's what it's like

Then hold on tight 'til you can't even breathe,
Another record shop story that was born to die
It'll come unreal, and we're losing time

Maybe got swinged from a baby's hand,
too young to understand
all there is to know, to lose your soul

Alien cracked down from planet call,
unhappy with your bag and stars.
They search for the one,
then wrap her around the sun

You know who we are
We'll be as fast as a day that outside your door
And it all has changed forever more, with you
It's why I've got to know the truth
Was it you, who sang in Xanadu?

And maybe got swinged from a baby's hand,
We're too young to understand
All there is to know,
if you're gonna lose your soul

Guess I got my feet in the sky,
and I wonder why,
You'll be the one that used to go,
I'm the only star who wants to know

Lyrics submitted by Antler, edited by Mellow_Harsher, sundays89

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    General CommentAmazing song, thanks for trying at the lyrics! They look pretty accurate.

    I think this song is about what effects they fear their possible future success in indie music might have on them. Some of the lyrics seem to be making fun of the process your average indie band goes through on their way to the "top": you fit a passing trend, hipster mags hype you up, and you're briefly cool until something new comes along and no one cares enough to remember the chorus to your big single anymore. It's making fun of the shallowness of the whole process.

    "If you've got the looks, then the rest just works"
    -90% of success in music is superficial. If you look cool enough and pose right, who cares if you kind of suck?
    "Another record shop story that was born to die."
    -Referring to the ephemeral nature of success?
    "We're too young to understand.
    All there is to know,
    if you're gonna lose your soul."
    -Obviously, this is about them being young, inexperienced, and worried about the future. I think the "lose your soul" part means that they're afraid of selling out, or of getting too caught up in the pursuit of being a "cool" band. Will success change them? They'd like to think not, but they have no way of knowing.

    Who knows. A lot of the lyrics in here are just nonsense, but I think my interpretation kind of makes sense. If I'm right, it's kind of interesting that they were pretty accurate in their prediction of what would happen to them.

    natashalaikaon January 27, 2009   Link
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    General CommentLove this song.

    Had a good laugh at, "was it you who sung in Xanadu?".
    OscarIsaiahon March 26, 2011   Link
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    General Commentumm. matthew sweet did not write this, nor did the band have anything to do with EMI...
    fghtffyrdmns09on March 28, 2012   Link

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