"Lisa's Spider" as written by and Roland Pemberton....
rappers wanna "go model"
trying to be "fly" on the runway
when all their rhyme spray pertains to gunplay
what a contrast but when it comes to hip-hop yuh
living on a plane similiar to Big Bopper's

my plane is existential, fans are still wistful
for back in the days but i run with favorites by the fistful
and no, we are not loitering, we are disorderly
make beats and kick rhymes but most importantly
and i spit like it's my last day
cause it might be, i might leave
just move and get hit by a truck, im about halfway to lightspeed

im slighty sick but most we hype smoke the colly
talk to Al, the boys might smoke tonight knees
folks are life living, im strife-given on night shiven
motherfuckers near northclans, up outta horse tracks
and implored cats with four more and help with store rap
but too many feel they dont wanna test like Rorschach
i can’t work day to day to live and starve in the lunchline
that’s why my shows last longer than a Talib Kweli punchline
I rap into the next bar like a Talib Kweli punchline
but I make no sense like a Talib Kweli punchline

cause they dont pay drunks if they own them the ticket
i started to rip it at O'burns instead of talking to chickens
the men were rookie bird catchers, sort gotta outta hand
fuck your girlfriend man, put doubt in your man

at your show. on stage playing with your crew
while i post up si thinking up lines for you
these local rappers aint shit to me
i spit serinditity, flipping a diction
and i chill with beats like do dippity
who's dissing me? crews get to be too fincky
criminally spew venom then choose to use mimickiry
i bet it hurts you to see me on top
jumping on chairs like Roberto Benigni

life is beautiful especially when you concern the average
and get above it, fliping samples like a dirty mattress
i convey in youth talent that display a true valance
who's callens is giving the navy new balance?
you might be telling some things to elegance thinkers
until i run your house and take your jewels like zelda's Link
but it looks like y'all fucked up (cause y'all fucked up)
stumbling up and down stairs, apparentely they run amok

punks jump up, its a dark star these car parkers bettter buckle up
for the kid with the black pumas and thrift store button up
knucle fucks chuckle into fucking up business on instinct
ill rush a like im crushing an image
with this broken tagan meaning hogging target
even progress stopped with image thinks in darkness
harking back into the days this isnt a rerun
im chillin in the dorm steady drinking Capri Suns

see? that wasn't so hard
see that's how you kill a spider

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