Der Himmel ist blau
und der Rest deines Lebens liegt vor dir
Vielleicht wäre es schlau
dich ein letztes mal umzusehen
Du weißt nicht genau warum
aber irgendwie packt
dich die neugier
Der Himmel ist blau
Und der Rest deines Lebens wird schön

Du hast ein gutes Gefühl
Du denkst an all die schönen Zeiten
Es ist fast zuviel
Jetzt im Moment
neben dir zu stehen
Du hast kein klares Ziel
aber millionen Möglichkeiten

Ein gutes Gefühl
und du weisst es wird gut
für dich ausgehen

Der Himmel ist blau
Der Himmel ist blau

Die Welt gehört dir
Was wirst du mit ihr machen
Verrate es mir
Spürst du wie die Zeit verrinnt

Jetzt stehst du hier
und du hörst nicht auf zu lachen
Die Welt gehört dir
und der Rest deines Lebens beginnt

Der Himmel ist blau
So blau
So blau....

Lyrics submitted by Ag00n

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    General CommentThe song seems like it would easily fit in with something like a graduation.
    This isn't so much of an interpretation, but rather a lazy translation:

    Der Himmel is blau = The sky's blue. (ie. clear, open, not dark/stormy)

    You have the rest of your life in front of you.
    You have millions of possibilities.
    The world belongs to you. What will you do with it? Tell me.

    Now you stand here, don't laugh. The world is yours, and the rest of your life is beginning.
    Ag00non November 24, 2008   Link
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    General CommentFor me, this song had always kind of an double meaning. On the one hand it's sounds like a song about somone who starts a new life after he got over something difficult and exhausting but also important in his life on which he can now (in retrospect) look at with a good feeling. (I heard the song first a while after my ex-boyfriend left me and it was oneof the first days I was feeling better and went outside and felt really like a loosing a huge burden. and it seemed to fit in a way.)

    But on the other hand I always have to think about this song as being about suicide. "the rest of your life" could also mean something like "the last few minutes of your life". The person has decided to kill himself so he can look back at his life and also see the nice moments he had, because he already decided that it was not enough to continiue this life. But this interpretation is not that much about the lyrics but more about the music an the way the song is sung. It's not sung with an happy voice really. It sound more as sung by someone who hasn't anything left to loose, like he has resinged to the fact that he doesn't want to live any longer and doesn't have to because he already has made his plans, said goodbye to his family and is now standing on the cliff, ready to jump.
    LadyInBlack7on December 10, 2010   Link

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