Sometimes it's better underground
There's less chance that I'll be found
For if they find me, they'll decry me once again
And I wouldn’t show my face
No I would never leave this place
For there's a danger with no shape and with no shame
I wouldn't go outside
No I would never risk my pride
The earth would still spin, and the sun would stay in the sky
The earth would still spin, and the sun would stay in the sky

So forgive me if I seem
Like I don't want to be seen
It's the truth, there's no real underlying meaning
And I will not cast a shadow
It doesn't matter though, cause I know
There's six more weeks of winter, bleakness either way
So I think that I will stay here till it's safe

It's days like this there's a pain inside my head
And It's a miracle I make it out of bed
There's just certain people I
I don’t think I can supply
With common courtesy, with patience, or a smile
And I'm having to do without
The kind of respect we're taught about
If you have nothing nice to say, then shut your god damn mouth
If you have nothing nice to say then shut your god damn mouth

So forgive me if I seem
To speak in the obscene
There's just a point where tolerance tends not to mean
Anything at all
Like that phone number you never called
When your only friend turns out to be the wall
Live together, stand alone, you’ll fall

It's days like this
That there's no passing of time
And each breath that leaves my throat
Could leave me dying
When the cold becomes too much for me to bare
And it takes more strength than I've got for me to care

So forgive me if I tend
To exaggerate the extent
Of my self-loathing and all of my regrets
It’s just it seems so real to me
It’s like I'm writing an autobiography
But the ending I have yet to figure out
I just hope that I'll look back and say I'm proud.

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