[phone ringing]
Yo this chick better be home, bet' pick up the phone
[girl]who could that be?
[man]yo, who dis?
[ww] yo, who dis!?
[man]Pharrell, nigga
[ww] yo, put April on man! psssshhhhh!
[april] yo pass me the phone, pass me the phone.....hello!?
[ww] Yo, I know you ain't got some other nigga 'round my seed, word!
[april] whateva, whateva just bring me my money.

It's the ninth month, in here in the delivery room
I seen a head come, I clipped the umbilical
BOOM! An' it's a boy
I gave him my first name, your pop's middle
within a week we was out the hospital
we moved in together, had to start bargainin
it's been rough for us and didn't want it hard for him
took on my job for him, an' then we started arguing
you was mad that the baby cut out all your partyin'
decide to separate and I try to adapt
but when I call it hurts me to hear him cry in the back
I wasn't around for his first steps, his first catch
his first words, even the curse words
damn, I missed out and sometimes I feel foolish
all the things she says he does
when I'm there, he won't do it, and he's clueless
sleep as my hand 'cause his cradle to rock
we thought condoms weren't able to pop...

So why you act that way? why be that way? (whateva)
We ain't gotta be together (not at all)
I'm givin' half my pay, spendin' half my day ('cause what?)
'cause we got a seed together, understand? (x2)

I know you ain't got another dude around my seed
babysittin' at your house and I found some keys
I wish we could put aside differences
but you got your other significant, but I'm still interested
on Christmas's & birthdays, anything, he want it
being apart I gotta call to see if you bought it
there's two of everything; one for here, one for there
and in the photo album's where I keep his baby hair
I gave you dough to buy shoes, he needs a new pair
you got him looking like a bum
and bought yourself some new gear
An' you swear I don't try but you don't recognize when I do
take a look, Am I you?
and I knew you had to work to pay tuition
I gave you extra dough
just to help your grades from slippin'
you stay just riffin'
not as supportive as your family was
you should see the little dance he does :)

So why you act that way, why be that way? (whateva)
We ain't gotta be together (not at all)
I'm givin' half my pay, spendin' half my days ('cause what?)
'cause we got a seed together, understand? x2)

He got my eyes, your nose, my smile, your ears,
my cheeks, your lips, my brows, your hair
it's foul for my child to hear, if he does something wrong
"Just like ya father" It's not fair!
And I'm here to sign trip consent slips
honor roll, suspensions, doctor or dentist
PTA's or plays, CDF or A's
when you learn and achieve, the birds and the bees
and always tell the truth even if it's your fault
don't lie for your friends
it makes it worse when you're caught
and I promise to be loyal
I might even spoil everthing I do to make it easy for you...

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