**scratch**Demigod scoundrel and my name is A-P X4

Last year my record company was chumpin' me
I showed fuck you to show they couldn't fuck with me
an' I never got dropped but I needed to do something quick
so I'm packin' up my bags and I'm jumping ship
I write rhymes like a pitbull was getting my dick licked
bitches spread my notebook more than that chick flick
I'm nice with the rhymes but I'm nicer with the ladies
leaving 'boxers' on the floor like Tyson in the 80's
I'm a D-E-M-I-G-O-D, add a Z on the end 'cause I brough my friends
I'm known to fist fight quick and rap right like kicks
steal the show from bigger acts with the White Stripes shit
I'm an arrogant fuck that keeps tearing it up
my dick's so big ya chick think I'm wearing a cup
I never ever rock ?? people think they so hot
like some Transformers raising apes for Go-Bots
but back to the label shit, they not doing nothin'
and I'm sick of telling fans "I don't know when it's comin'"
they just put out Lupe, they sleepin' on Saigon
they barely gave Little Brother love, fuck it! I'm gone...

**(sample)**Styles be all sick - can't fuck with the click X

Yo you can't hid from the Godz, I expose all frauds
the cops won't find the body 'til the snows all thawed
so ?? ?? you're fuckin' with a stone-cold squad
that'll start up a revolution for a so-so cause
I'm loco, ya'll, retarted
if you want it it's cool
anonymous type, I'll let pirahnas loose in ya pool
I'm PCP from CT to CPT
my crew's still No.1! like it's BDP
you see these geeks, you're frontin' every second, you know it
your records are hoe-ish, you wanna get respect? well then show it
I'm an acceptional poet you better look where you're going
and hide the rifle 'cause I'm liable to go mental and blow it
schitzofrenic with rhyme 'cause I'm ahead of my time
make the chicks say styles and the brothas say ho!
you can't tell a muthafucka what to do when he's drunk
you wanna act like a punk, then I'll react with a pump
it's the end of the time so I got to get mine
hey yo Ap' what's the plan, hit me up when you land
I got some business to finish the God fixin' to get it
my man E's gonna load a 16 and spit it!

With a Eagle from the Desert I bust a bumba clot
while I be puffin' pot, your girl be suckin' cock
Ap' made drop with the mixtape done
and I'm still poppin tags by the way of the slum
there hasn't been a 'Rican like me since the days of the Pun
sorry for the delay, blame the haze in my lungs
you know the situation with the Demigod foundation
we stay dough-rakin', sorta sound groundbreakin'
spreadin' Cali love with the styles of beyond
I'm hot like a live a couple miles from the sun
fuck a racist, we order bottles of the Don
fucka local bitch, I'm hittin' models on my lawn
the flow crazy, I hate it when a hoe lazy
I ain't a nurse but I'll teach you how to hold babies
only deuce-deuce, feeling like I'm old lately
'cause the money flows slower than a old lady.
And I'm used to living faster than Jeff Gordon
hittin' tellys with two bitches exploring
crew love, If I'm rich, the set ballin'
an' you fucks 'bout to go extinct like cassette walkmans.

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