"It's A Funny Thing" as written by and Adam Wilson/freybe-smith Kittredge....
It's a funny thing
When you lose your faith
In a grand design
Like a flickering
On a backlit screen
Shadowed thoughts arrive

In the dead of night
Takes the towers down
Sure sign
That the plan devised
Came from nothing known

These nights fall through glass
Her eyes make the man

Trees lean
Over empty streets
As the power goes
No sign
Of a pearl inside
Deals a crushing blow

You realize
That the sunny side
Made the shadows cold
Pedals fold
Waiting for the rise
Of another sky

These nights fall through glass
Her eyes make the man
Said I won't look back

Starlight in the dead of night
Eyes wide in the dead of night

These nights fall through glass
Her eyes make the man
Said I won't look back
These eyes too will pass

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"It's a Funny Thing" as written by Antonia Alana Freybe-smith Adam Wilson Kittredge

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It's A Funny Thing song meanings
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    General Commentmy take...

    the two interpretations i see are a broken relationship or a death of someone close. the indirectness of the song also reflects the pain and sadness he's in.

    "It's a funny thing
    when you lose your faith
    in a grand design."

    the words grand design imply god's design and his intent. suppose this is commonly done after some kind of act-of-god event but people question a greater design after all kinds of tragedies.

    "Like a flickering
    on a back-lit screen
    shadowed thoughts arrive."

    his view/viewpoint on what's left is now skewed/damaged and "shadowed".

    "Starlight in the dead of night
    takes a tower down
    sure sign that the plan devised
    came from nothing known."

    i believe starlight to be another symbol of god or the heavens although there's a few interpretations i think. maybe lack of a moon - a typically female symbol. bright spots in the night - possibly sex. taking a tower down also could mean a few things. it's could be from the tower tarot card implying tragedy. also possibly the death or destruction of a human equivalent of a tower. i guess it could even have a literal meaning (9/11?) but probably not. lines 3 and 4 again question that grand design or at least can't understand the why.

    "These nights
    fall through the glass
    Her eyes make amends.(?)"

    glass has the double meaning in how painful the nights are and also in how he looks through this window to the tragedy. likely nightmares.

    "Trees lean
    over empty streets
    as the power goes."

    that hole inside him wants to be filled and the arching over of that empty street is the best his body/mind can do. "...as the power goes" - the emptiness debilitates him. normally he's powerful/capable but now crippled.

    "No sign of a pearl inside
    deals a crushin blow."

    some of the strongest words in here in some ways. and for those that relate or identify in some way with the depression here, you're not alone.

    "You realize
    that the sunny side
    made the shadows cold."

    taking for granted the warmth of that lost person. that without that person, the world is a much colder place.

    "Petals fall
    waitin for the rise
    of another sky."

    the slow death of the flowers is another symbol of his sadness and fits both the death and relationship interpretations. he's waiting for warmth to return again in time. "another" though... probably isn't, but possibly the wish for someone else to fill that space. more likely it's a desire for a "brighter day".

    "I said I won't look back"

    paradoxically, this whole song is a look back on what happened. i believe he wants to avoid the pain of looking back - probably repeated for emphasis because of the conflicting desires in his head. the one that wills the pain away and the other that unconsciously desires that reflection.

    "Eyes wide in the dead of night"

    looking for answers.

    "These eyes too will pass"

    i believe he's talking about his own death and likely reflecting on his life going forward. in the case of a relationship, i believe he's reassuring himself that things will get better and the darkness he's under will fade.
    varon November 29, 2008   Link

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