You tear away so why don’t you. Take away the way you choose
Walk away the way you do .Leave me all alone (will you )
Nothing but this energy. Burns with all I have in me
Love the least the rest you feel.When you go remember

Even if I run away
Even im cast away
Will you remember
The times when I was someone elese
Will they ever realize
Everything I feel I hide
Can they take away the way I feel
This epic isolation in me

Cos im tryin so hard (hard),To live is to trust, As to breathe is to rust
To never become the ache in the touch, is to open the heart and surrender the loss
theres Silence in a game with faces without names,Disguised to cause pain
Determined to do it again. With all do respect ,Isolation is justified
Outsiders lookin in backstabbers pushing in (in)

Inside I cannot change ( I never compromised ive sworn to never live a lie)
When you were the one pushing in ( grabbin grabbin grabbin all that you can take)
My pride conquered my shame ( its all about the things that we hide from the inside)
But you were the cause of it all
(chorus faint)
(Chorus )

IIIII falll
All I do is fall
With my back against the floor
To give is to trust and to never give much is flawed
I fall .. all I do is fall .. but I try to carry on
To breathe is to rust .. but I I I
Carry on
From the start were we that smart
To never even have it hard
With a grace that I cant face
In a chase which they cant trace
Its you and I

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