Dear Mick, must I be thick?
Or a prick and a half to be so daft to doubt
When I know that I'm in the full close to head throes of darkest prang
Within, out, you, me, rhyme and reason are
All wildly out of season and it's spineless treason
The kingship that allows the violent silence
Always babbling in my attempt at verse
But it is pranging out, for which I'm gonna do a verse
It seems I can withstand the prang and get it together to sing, as I once sang
Drink in the real gang
Flick the twang we sang a song
Sad as sin on a pirate ship on dry land

[spoken]Lead Bilo to the mournful morning prang[spoken]

It stings when I ding, it stings like fuck
And it's not just to rock and knock out the cluck
My days are spent swerving prangs
Like Old Bill in a jag
But reality keeps on like a nag
Stop it, stop it, before you cop it
Off the rails, on style impaled
By injustice jailed
And to a tabloid crossword nailed
Junkie rocker hailed and I
Appear in the morning too minging to sing
And there's not much worse than that
Except perhaps death
Prang is a night that gets darker and darker
That light that gets starker and starker
Prang is the bends with a capital B
Life's all mixed up of late
I can't see through you
Seeing through me

[spoken]Trying to walk tall and look hard
Pranged when you're on remand
And can't face cheers and jeers in the yard[spoken]

Oh tell me not that story of the lad
Who brang into the studio
Rocked for six, and changed, and wound up whacked up gacked up pranged
And then came his turn to stand and sing
On The Streets' collaboration thing
He looked about him in a sweat
Spotlight on his twitchin' leg
Looking for the words i was looking forward to laying
but i was twisted eyes red crossed, sold, lost again washed up
on suicidal tidal wave of denial
tossed and torn and hung, drawn prang dawn
i'm parachutin into paranoia and crash landing with a dizzy spin
my lover looks like gruesome goya and my minds off it
my lover kisses me and whispers come come
oh my coke, crack, smack and speed
in goes when i need when the prang cooks up my heart and soul and decides for a feed
very hot indeed, very hot indeed

[spoken]Lead Bilo to the mournful morning prang
rock be in control of me[spoken]

Now true story
mike invites this blues jackanory to his mic
clean as serene back is like prang to fuck em??
be well as i might or might well i be
rocks and b have loose and not their grip on me
as detox looms a day away
and the air is nile but is loud to play
this hip hop hand and this shit hot land
of street symphonys one man band
different type of garage twang
this bilo to the mournful morning prang

[mubbling nonsense]

Lyrics submitted by applebuttaz1212, edited by wilhopson

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    General Commentwhere is this version
    i cant find it anywhere
    hooligansoneon April 06, 2009   Link
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    There it is. A brilliant song, this.
    songsofalbionon June 18, 2009   Link
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    General Commentmy lover kisses me and whispers "come,come"
    oh my...coke, crack, smack and speed

    By the way he says "oh my..." I get the impression he wanted to say "god"
    but instead says "coke, crack, smack and speed",
    as if drugs became the equivalent of god to him
    fugeelaon August 16, 2009   Link

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