All the vegetation in the settled world is stirring
I'm blurring into sun-burnt and heartbroken worrying
about how the day took such a long time to die
when it was reeking of women I once had on my side
but now that I've found another smell to believe in
I'm buzzing like hell just to hope I can breathe it
and resurrect the simplistic calm in some eyes
that are trying to find you or
bury your nightmind
and it will take

Oh, your tongue and the twilight marina
when so young and brave and still dreaming
getting to know you lash by dark lash
the rooms where you sleep in
the floors where you crash
and gas-stations are pleasantly blowing
thunder rolls for dresses you're wearing
on a body so unknowing
of what that blowing’s for our preparing
and patience is never affording
when prettiness and sweetness are pouring
out from you and
onto me and
dampness of sweat is the sweetest recording
and you can lay with your head on my body
the worlds of the night and disease try to rob me
all the vegetation in the settled world is stirring
but stillness and calmness are all that I'm hearing
and it will take

But time is for hearts that don't know what they're eating
and nerves that don't spend every night-chance retreating.

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Nerves of the Nightmind song meanings
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    Song MeaningThis song speaks to me on so many levels. I recently saw Frontier Ruckus perform this live and they basically are the soundtrack for my life right now. Feeling depressed and longing for the warm embrace of summers in Northern Michigan.

    To me, this song is about a dying romance, like a sun setting on a last autumn day in your heart's chords.

    The stirring leaves of vegetation are symbolic of his heart broken mind.

    Finding another smell to believe in is finding a new romance.

    Trying to find her. The time it takes to turn her night minds eye to his embrace.

    Her tongue and the twilight marina - getting to know her by the bay, butterfly kisses.

    Dampness of her sweat is the sweetest thing, with her head on his chest.

    Even now, the vegetation stirs in his heart but he only hears the stillness and calmness of her beating heart.

    It will take time for their love to be healed. But that time is only for a heart that is open to receiving true love, and strong willed nerves to hear that heart beating.

    This is what this song means to me.
    carlhasmanystringson April 15, 2009   Link

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