Please lord give me strength,
I can't take much more.
Life seems an unlit open road,
it leads nowhere.
The rage in me burns me it eats me alive, I can't sleep, I can't weep, I don't know how I'm gonna get by.
For the pretty blue eyes of my beautiful daughter - please be kind,
think I'm losing my mind.

So they speak out in watered out codes and enigmas,pacing like boxers with nowhere to go. The stench of subservience twisting our faces, our hopes for tomorrow all lay in the past. Guess we're all suicidal and threats to society, cooking up homemade concoctions and lies to avoid facing up to the state of emergency runaway train situation emerging.

Convenient wrap-ups and write-offs. For a brave new world, with a perfect shine. It's a Texas-solution, hail rock n roll. Bombs away brother let's roll. Burn baby burn...

So they killed Joe Hill and they taught you a lie and century later they're still in here killing. They kill kids in America, kids in Bolivia, kids on the West-Bank and kids in Managua. In the streets of Atlanta, Jerusalem and Genua they're feeding us night sticks and bullets and bombs while the Pope shuts his mouth and the members of government lie through their teeth and patiently wait for the payoff.

Well if Christ came back now he'd be killed in a second. They'd stuff his ass properly and sell him to Disney. A final disgrace just to prove he was wrong and that free enterprise had the medicine all along...

Tell me how hard is it to see, that they're spinning the wheel when they've allready made the deal. You talk about freedom and individuality, but noone believes that it's real.

It's all cashflow, hi low, indexed outflow, maximize generated profitgoals, estimate expectations for unemployment and interest-rates. It's a sickening game where the financial ends go to cut out the sick and the poor and the ugly. The spics, and the gooks and the arabs and niggers - For a white middleclass with a shit eating grin. A fascist utopia in denial of sin. It's all got to burn

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