[Intro: N-Tyce]
Yeah, yeah. what's up, this is N-Tyce
You know what I'm talking about
We got them lyrics for you, you know what I'm saying?
People just look at me and don't think that I can rap
They don't call me a Deadly Venom for nothing
Poison, know what I'm saying?
DVs up in here rocks the world, holla, and you don't stop

Yo, Yo, I'ma show you how fun rap can be
Folks can't stand me, 'cause I'm the type to go up and accept a Grammy
In a R&B dress split past my thighs
Get tipsy, open my shirt up, and flash the guys
Make they eyes pop out, tongues hanging
Lyrically I'm nasty like a chick that a bum's dating
Your flava's like Juicy Fruit, it only lasts a minute
My hair's getting gray now, thinking I should tint it
Till I thought about it, probably look more raw without it
I'm trying to plot on how to get a rap star impounded
'Cause they don't sound right, take 'em to the junkyard
Chump parts, stinking up the game like a skunk fart

We on fire (fire)
Throw your hands in the air with your lighter (lighter)
We goin' pull an all nighter (nighter)
Say what?
And I ain't gotta go to bed no time soon

If I ain't rapping, then I prefer macking instead
Take my stocking off my buttocks and wrap around his head
I like them buffed up Derek Jeters
Who ain't ashamed to walk around with a scuffed up pair of sneakers
A lot of girls are into fashion instead of rapping
Think you'll write something hotter? It'll never happen
I like people who believe in theyself
One day, I'll be old and gray, breathing the wealth
It's like this, people playing spades and taking blinds down
A lot of artists wanting me to write they rhymes now
I'm high tech like DVD, ride around in the hoopty with the tank on E

You want a good woman?
You should appoint me
My friends won't even bring me around they dad, 'cause he may even want me
I'm hardcore like Lil Kim's first CD
And hard headed like fifty kids in a preschool nursery
Folks be like, yo, N-Tyce, you hurting me
'Cause I bring the pain like open heart surgery
Stitch it up, squeaky voice, high pitch it up
You see me everyday, I'm on your wall pictured up
It's kind of hard surviving, I got you paranoid like blue lights behind you in a car driving
See, I'm nasty like Nostradamus
I write a lot of incomplete sentences using lots of commas
Teachers hated me in school, wishing I would vanish
Now they want an autograph for they grand kids
Plus, they want a free concert, better learn to pay
You should have never gave me an F when I deserved an A


Alright, heh, that's how we kick in the Carolinas
You know what I'm talking about, baby?
You know what I'm talking about?
You don't know nothing about that, heh
336 entertainment on the rise

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