[Intro: Champ MC]
Yo, Tyce

[Chorus: N-Tyce, J-Boo]
Venom over here, Venom over there
Venom, Venom over where?
Venom be like in your presence everywhere

Throw your middles fingers up
For all my homies laying in the cut
Now let me see you get buck

Hey, yo, the buck stops here
All you whack bitches hit the rear
It's show time, watch me end bitches' career
Thorough bred chicks on the rise
I'm the thugged out venom, smack the fire out your eyes

Yo, there's a war going on outside we goin' escape from
I only ask you respect where I came from
N-Tyce, hush hush chick, I be the same one
Now I guess it's time that we show you how the game's done
Why can't it be so simple? I used to be the cute kid with dimples
Now this game is playing with my mental
Could it be that too busy trying to wonder where the weed at
Focus more on where you plant the seeds at

Yeah, believe that, Venom number three, where the weed at?
Yo, let me see that, yo, let me hold something homie
Come on, spread love, smoke that L if you wanna know me
Then I'm gonna do you like your name was Roman
Four chicks wild on, watch my style flow
From Cali to NY City, this team of thugs pretty
Them niggas wanting to suck a titty, down with the Venom committee
But we ain't rolling if you shitty
Nigga, it'll take one in a fifty, me and my bitches is so gritty
We wanna take you on a bitty, you and my whole crew
Like you supposed to, come at me closer
I wanna introduce you to my kitty

[Champ MC]
Hey, yo, I'm tired of being broke
Hey, yo, I'm tired of puffing the same smoke
You testing me, I'm not a joke
Champ, the rap slayer
Slap you in the face with some flavor
Let you know the deal-ly
I was a woman before you became a willy
Have you begging like Billy
Then be splitting bitches up to your belly

Heavy on the war zone
All my chicks, we stand alone
I see you formulating, but you only a clone
We regulating, while you stay imitating, what
We giving birth while while you still ovulating
Perpetrating, my crew be best in the game
I wonder why y'all thought y'all could gain from my fame
We dropped a bomb, and now it's time to reload
We keep it moving while your shit is put on hold

Yo, time keep on ticking
Everything we drop banging and hitting
Wonder why labels keep they artists sitting
Lucky for fans, though, they never forgetting
Everything spoken is written
Black magic, abracadabra
My crew will grab ya and you wide open like a crack pipe
Nigga's better act right
It's kind of dark, but I'm about make you see like a flashlight

Yeah, this shit is ludicrous like Mike Tyson would say
How the Venoms slithered through your town and fuck up your day
Had you working for free with no pay
In your presence we be rocking shit with no delay
Hear what I say? We the black eyed queens
Crushing ya walls, my bitches get down and dirty
At 12:30, time to pull, got these niggas tricking
These bitches so tired and sicking
And the DJ feel so horny that he wanna stick his dick in

[[Champ MC]
Be cautious, kick the shit that make you nauseous
Keep stacking, looking sweet in the Porches
Keep packing, end your life like abortion
Game tight like a Trojan, leaking poison
Attack and ready for combat, dressed in all black
With my knapsack, where Benji be at?
In this industry, fuck nah, never rock for free
And watch my name go down in history
And when I'm gone like Biggie, you'll be missing me (You'll be missing me)

Where you at?
Deadly Venoms, hollaback


Yo, respect that
Fuck the feedback
Verbal combat, go to war on this track
It's airtight, you wanna shine, you gotta fight
There ain't enough room for you to share the spotlight
Four chicks, four styles, all vary
Deadly Venoms rocks the world
It's real scary

Yo, stop, look, take a listen
My style is nasty like cousins kissing (Ew)
We like a team, everybody play in positions
I be the quarterback (touchdown)
I be the one you leave a message for, but never calling back
I heard you down with a clique they be calling whack
We bought to make a bomb threat, yeah, a bomb attack

I be the C-A-M-I-ill, if looks could kill
Man, looky here, shit is real
For my people, we roll crazy burroughs
We lethal, fe-cognito
Breaking you down, we equal
Herer my sequel's with poisonous plots
Stop blowing ya spot, jump back
Watch it be hot

My mind changes like flipping channels
Watching Jimmy and Lionel, CDs replacing vinyl
Thank goodness for the DJs, rap originated in the PJs
Now it's everywhere these days
But still I want to holla (Ahh!)
Thought I'd make a record, don't control a dollar
Yeah, you know it's still a white collar
Making millions with this better half, money we already had
Yo, we sick and tired of this petty cash (petty cash, petty cash)
Sick and tired of this petty cash


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