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Yeah, yo, yo, alright, shut up, time to listen to this
I'm 'bout to have y'all hissing a bit
I'm hot like a chick in a flick
Change gears like a stick in a whip
My voice whines like a baby pitching a fit
Time flies, guess the clock's ticking a bit
When I'm bored, I walk down the street kicking a stick
Get with a chick, fitting a hit
Who the greatest female? I'm the chick y'all fixing to pick
Underrated, underestimated
But I've been waiting my turn, I'm the next chick designated
It took a sec to make it, but I'm here now
And I don't pop bottles I guzzle beer down
Seeing clear now, 20/20 with my contacts out
My loose leaf and a pen, to write bomb tracks
Verbal combat, it's time to focus on the target
There's 'bout to be a riot, defeat the whole...

Everybody hush (Hush), be quiet (Quiet)
I am getting wired, sick and tired
Of these folks who ain't got fire
Rock the world 'till I retire
We about to start a riot
Everybody hush (Hush), be quiet (Quiet)

Yeah, hey, yo, this is what I live for
Stadium lights, bright, with my name on a billboard
And if you feeling this now, you goin' feel more
You a rapper, girl, what you wearing high heels for?
I ain't saying you should thug it like a Nigga do
I'm guilty of trying to plot to get rid of you
But not trying to cause physical harm
But then again it all depends on what mental I'm on
I'm known to right rhymes when instrumentals are on
But not too high tech, I keep it simple with songs
N-Tyce, I'm the chick that you want to make your wifey
So we can have kids and make a chick just like me
Hard headed, talk back to my elders
Folks wanted me to grow up and be a failure
I take your money when I stack dice
Even though I flunked math twice


I learned in life you gotta give and take (You gotta give and take)
When I was just a little Candy Girl rocking New Edition tapes
Often I would measure tapes
Waving at cops, smiling, while I'm speeding down the interstate
I'm like the Road Runner, 'cause when I zoom by with hits I make it last for the whole summer
And keep baiting you, and baiting you, and feeding you
If you don't know I rock the world, then you need to
Folks talk, but they never listen
Either that, or don't pay attention
You need to pick and choose, I'm sick of dudes
I'm just a Deadly Venom chick trying to come up with a hit or two


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