When it comes to a secret, baby, if you down
I got a man, yet I'm known to sneak around
Heh, I just kept help but mingle
If a cutie steps up, I'll fake the funk and say I'm single
I'm down with running games, I know it's a shame
But when I kiss, I never give 'em my real name
I'm not a hooker, but I'm the good looker
Known to flirt, looking good in a tight skirt
Now I'm back to my man, and how things began
And know how I started messing with his best friend
We was first introduced at a party
Okay, I admit that I was naughty looking at his body
Prime example of a typical chick, heh
My booty's kind of thick, so you know I'm pulling numbers quick
Look but don't touch, no need to rush
We can get together, if you kept it on the hush hush

[Chorus: N-Tyce, (Method Man)]
I won't tell if you won't tell
Nowadays you gotta keep it on the hush hush tip
(I won't tell if you won't tell
Nowadays you gotta keep it on the hush hush)

If he doesn't know, how could it hurt?
My man should have know from the jump
That I'm a chick known to flirt
Why do you think I got the name N-Tyce?
Why do you think all the fellas be looking twice?
I am what I am, and that's a fly chick
People compare me to Rick because I'm so slick
Now check it out, I was cooling with my girlfriends
Walking by mad guys, getting more whistles than a whirlwind
Yeah, that's what we was hearing
Walking a little closer, baby, as we was staring
At this one and that one, I spotted this fly kid
It was my man's best friend staring weak in his eyelid
Yo, I must admit that I was shocked
I mean, my man's best friend sneaking up on my jock
Could I get caught? I knew my chances were slim
I mean, yo, what's my man got to do with him, heh

[Instrumental break]

No ring's on my finger, so I'm cheating
Cooling with my man's best friend, now trick, a freak
Who would have thought, that your best friend would sneak behind your back
Every week with your girl in the sack
I'm not dumb, I knew it was the plan of my man to test me
To see if I would kick it with his friend
But, um, I'm a tough act to follow
When it comes to running games, call me Chicago
Matter of fact, there ain't a brother that can hang
Did not you know that N-Tyce was my name?
You tried to play me like a Genesis
But it's time for me to step off, I gotta put an end to this
I can have my cake and eat it, too
But you both get the boot, heh
I'm looking for someone new
You got played, now you want me to keep it on the hush hush
Another one bites the dust


[Outro, Method Man, (N-Tyce)]
Shh, Method dog, we out, Tical
(Sneaking behind his back, uh
Sneaking behind his back)

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