All that I wanted inside was to make songs and sing them with all of my friends.
The real world crashed down like a vengeful bulldozer and put my grand plans to an end.
Now my heart is an overpass, concrete and iron,
the makeup of my soul, well that's rocket science.
And I've got three jobs and the people all say, "I am not in the business of holding kids' hands."

But I am, no that is my whole corporation,
why oh why can't you see?
That that and four chords is the reason I'm breathing,
and all that there is to the truth deep in me.
But now I feel faint, I can see the light dimming,
the dawning of being grown up is beginning,
and 21 years is a pretty good run, so let go, because this is the way things must be.

But I can't conceive of the world in that way,
how oh how can it be?
That the very process of building a life counteracts with the things that are dearest to me.
And I know such is life, yeah I've heard it before,
and I know there are people who suffer far more,
but if this is the way then I don't want to live.
Hold my hand, say goodbye, there's nothing here for me.

But I can't conceive of the world in that way,
what oh what would I do?
To love something dearly and throw it away makes no sense,
and I can't fight this war without you.
So if you'll be my partner in doing these deeds,
then I will be the armor that your spirit need.
So come sit next to me, come on lean in all close,
and I'll tell you exactly what we're going to do.

We'll pretend we've succumbed to being grown up,
and we'll make them believe it for just a few months,
and on nights that our morale feels low we'll just dream
of the things we will do once the money's saved up.
Then we'll throw off these shackles, scream "now is your chance",
it'll shine, oh believe me kid, traffic will dance.
And the lights that have been off so long will come on,
in the hearts of our friends,
it'll be about love.

And we'll thank the workers for building the buildings,
and we'll thank the poets for being our heroes,
and our kids will thank you because you were you,
oh and their kids will thank you because you were you.

And it's not we're not scared,
and it's not we're not sad,
but we'll sing and we'll fight and we'll clean up this land,
oh and you could come too if you'd just take my hand.
Just call me kid revolutionary,
I'll call you kid revolutionary,
just call us kid revolutionary,
just call us kid revolutionary,
just call us kid revolutionary.

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    General CommentTraffic will dance and the traffic lights will, too: red will become lavender and yellow will be gold and green will be all the treeleaf greens there are.

    People who are not in the business of holding kids' hands need to get it together in the forest.
    And everybody, no matter what human age, is young enough to be a revolutionary and a partner and reach out to be held. Like the willows can always be holding you, if you look., and you let them, and you give back...
    silverplate88on January 07, 2009   Link

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