raise my fist like an african straight from apartheid
straight livin in a class war
seeing people die poor
victims of a system
I ain't takin no more

I raise my fist cus I want that justice
don't get my freedom
bout to take my freedom
ya bout to face the wrath of a peoples army comin back to you ya

when I raise my fist
feel this
when i'm on the mic yo I won't stop
cus i'm trying to incite that
revolutionary power comin back to the people
black power brown power
link it up
a force that's lethal

think about it
when the youth organize
when the gangs organize
when all the people in the penetentries get organized
we build one army
and I call it Raise the Fist

Raise the Fist

Baghdad to Watts
takin the block back
feelin like an Iraqi in Falluja

when my blood drips every ounce is comin out the gas pump
Wall Street's keepin the capital clamp down
with the devil in your wallet
like a leash to the beast

you want peace?
tell it to the occupation running down your streets
tell it to the politricks who gettin paid to keep you living on your knees
tell bush who don't give a fuck about your rights

tell Condalisa Rice
and all the rest of Uncle Toms
who kill they own on Uncle Scam's lynch mob
you can bet I got your memo Ashcroft
Halliburton, middle east, crack rock, in the hood

I know your war plans
I know they way you did my freedom fighters with your COINTELPRO man
so tell Feinstein
and all the rest of you sellout politicians that this is only the begining
when I raise my fist

raise my fist

Where you gunna stand when it all goes down?
when these pigs run up in your neighborhood
they kickin down doors
a search warant with a 12 gauge
were you gunna stand when they got a bullet with your name

this revolution ain't no game
it ain't no fassion
better have a passion about rebellion
better have your aim set right
like never gunna hesitate to run up against a tech9
with a knife
like bringin it to the beast
no matter if they do us like they did Fred Hampton , Shaka Sankofa , or Stan tookie
they can bring it

revolutionaries don't die
we multiply

i put my fist up in salute to all the soldiers who seized the time
fearless no matter what
the feds repress with bullets
but they still outta luck

a new guerrilla's born with every shot
so let the flame take flight
cus the peoples war never stops

raise the fist

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