I'm gonna make you, if you don't love me
If you don't love me, that don't make it true
And I'm gonna place you so high above me
Because you love me
Like you always do

Sweat in the sun, let it stick to my clothes
Because my back is still young
My ears still listen
To the toll of the bell as it's singing out

Lay me down
Get the splinters out
One by one, by the light of the moon
Make it soon
By the light of the moon
I'm begging you

If I'm to make the same mistake each day, would you mend it?
Time could take this endless love and escape
Just end it

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    My InterpretationLove this one. At first it seems like the singer is vowing to convince someone he loves to love him back, but the more you examine the lyrics the more it seems like he's just bullying his lover into laying him down and doing his bidding. Because he is young and strong and willing to listen, he knows the addressee won't be able to resist him, unless of course (s)he "just ends it" and abandons him completely.
    shaggy23on February 16, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI love this song too, I had never heard it before I saw them perform it live and I LOVED it. I can see why it would seem as if he is bullying someone into loving him back, but the line "I'm begging you" makes me question that. And the "Lay me down/get the splinters out/one by one" seems more emotional than literal, if she decides to be with him it will heal his emotional wounds? Maybe? He says flat out "I'm gonna make you," but I don't know if it's as extreme as bullying. Absolutely love the song in any case.
    lguard73on March 02, 2009   Link
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    General Comment"tone" not "toll"
    eplate2on November 23, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI didn't get the bullying aspect of these lyrics; to me, it's about a person telling his loved one that he is flawed, he does and will continue to make mistakes, but that his lover is the bigger person, "high above" him, because she loves him anyway, always. He's begging her to pull the "splinters" from him, his vices and faults, to make him better for her.

    I think it's really sweet. This song comes off sort of hokey-country-ballad-ish upon first listening, but like lguard73 said, seeing them perform "Always Do" live completely alters your perception of it.
    olivebranchon November 23, 2010   Link

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