Don't let your faith in my heart
I will only let you down
Don't let your love grow too deep
I don't think I'll be around

There is a curse in my bones
That'll breath and fly again
Until when we both are ghosts
I will miss you like a friend

But they'll never take the good years
There are some that never pass
No, they'll never take the good years
God, I wish I would've learned

Don't be afraid to move on
You were meant to bear a child
Don't look for me when you're gone
It'll only hurt a while

They'll never take the good years
There are some that never burn
No, they'll never take the good years
God, I wish I would've learned

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They'll Never Take The Good Years song meanings
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    My Interpretationwhen i hear this song i think of something different. when you love someone entirely, you let them become your faith.(for some) without that person, you have no faith for the rest of the world. he doesnt want her to love him like he knows she does. he knows he wont be here forever. and he doesnt want to hurt her. he knows he is curse. maybe its in his genes, maybe its something his whole family has been cursed with. and emotion. the curse is in him now, and it will cause him to fly. and until she is able to fly with him, all he can do is miss her and wait. no longer lovers, just able to miss her like a friend. in the years they spent together they learned so much about love, life, death, everything. he wishes he could have learned to help himself, and not let the curse take him over. he doesnt want her to be alone and sad, she still has a life on earth to live. when shes lost and confused, he doesnt want her to search for him. hes gone now, and wont be coming back. they will love again, and in some ways, they still are in love. but never-the-less, she needs to move on, have a family, and when she can be a ghost as well, they will continue.

    maybe im COMPLETELY off, but this is what i hear when the song plays. probably because this is how i feel about a lost loved one.
    britkneebadasson December 10, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis reminds me of my boyfriend and i, right now.
    as in he's william fitzsimmons telling me not to put too much faith in his heart.
    isn't that pathetic?
    nevermind. i don't want judgement.

    i think this song is about a guy who maybe loves somebody but can't stay completely faithful to her. like, he can't help not physically cheat on her but emotionally look for somebody better in the relationship. but he realizes that it's wrong, and he wants to girl to move on and find someone that loves her completely, because that's what she deserves.
    but he's telling her that no matter what. he'll always remember the good times with them. because no one can take those away from them and their relationship.
    when he says that "god, i wish i would've learned" that's him kind of realizing that she's was the one for him afterall. and he wishes that he would have realized that before he told her to not put faith in him, to move on, to "bear a child"

    that's just my interpretation of it.
    britcheton November 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAfter this failed relationship, the speaker feels he is karmic-cursed his future relationships. He hasn't learned from his past mistakes ("god I wish I would have learned").

    He is telling his ex not to be afraid to move on or look for him as he has caused enough pain. While his relationship is over and he is sad about it, they cannot take the memories of the good times the two have shared.
    RayneQueenon March 02, 2009   Link
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    General Comment(Track 10 from the album The Sparrow and the Crow)

    The guilt of his unfaithful heart has the subject doubting weather he will ever learn from his mistakes. The guilt has him openly wondering whether he can be faithful, yet he yearns for the wonderful time that he grows more and more grateful for. Still he fears committing to a past or a present relationship, for he never wishes to hurt another the way he hurt his former wife.

    This is the musical version of “It is better to love and lost, than to never have loved at all.”
    fusilladeon April 03, 2009   Link
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    My Interpretationwow, i can really relate to all of this....well for me this is obviously about a very painful breakup and also william aknowledging his inner demons. Demons that ultimately resulted in the break up- he knows its his fault, that this has happened and though he wishes he could go back and he wishes he could win her back he knows its best that she stays away because he would only let her down again. Through the bad though, there were moments of good times and after losing everything, they atleast have that. The good memories and noone can take that from them. And the silver lining here- him truly wishing her happiness...him wanting her to love again even with his heart broken.
    SatMcQueeron August 06, 2014   Link

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