Seems that
I have lost my head
Like the
World has stopped again
I am
Hanging by a thread

Rain is sunlight
I am swimming right through the desert
Daytime is night
I can see you without my flashlight
I'm obscurely
Occupied with talking to ceilings
And confused by
I'm confused by too many feelings

If I
Could bend space and time
Would you
Think of being mine?

You have starred in all of my daydreams
To your credit, my armor's failing
Take it easy
On a heart with trouble inhaling
Take it easy
On me now 'cause I'm going crazy

Is this called desire?
Is this called desire?
An ice age catching fire
It's true

Codes of silence
Speak too loud in too many languages
Are screaming
Through these tunnels of revelation
Are you keeping
Secrets from a big cosmic being
It's too much to own alone

My heart's beating
Thinking you tapped into my radar
And you're reading
All my thoughts are taking this too far
Past a mood swing
This is more than doctored machining
This is more than us

Is this called desire?
Is this called desire?
And ice age catching fire
It's true

Is this called desire?
Is this called desire?
My glacier bursts the stars in two

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    My InterpretationTo me, this song is about love unrequited, desire unfulfilled. It will never be fulfilled. I was in love with my best friend my junior year, and even though he was dating someone else, I always thought there was something more that went unsaid between me and him. I might have been fooling myself, but I still to this day don't think our friendship was totally platonic. That's why I related to the words, "codes of silence speak too loud in too many languages."

    Unfortunately, the girl he was dating was one of my friends, making him totally off-limits. I tried so hard to stop thinking about him the way I did, but I couldn't. I fell hard for him and I couldn't reverse those feelings. I thought maybe in a different life we would have been together.
    "If I
    could bend space and time,
    would you
    think of being mine?"

    And of course, he made my heart beat faster just sitting next to me. He used to sit close to me while we did homework, seemingly without thinking anything of it, and I would be sitting next to him, going crazy and trying to hide it. He was my weakness, so the most fitting lyrics for me were,
    "...You have starred in all of my daydreams.
    Mesmerizing, to your credit my armour's failing.
    Take it easy on a heart with trouble inhaling.
    Take it easy on my now cause I'm going crazy."

    When I first heard this song, it was during that time of my life, and I connected with it because of him. He and I will never be together. I know that. We're attending college in different states and he lives 2000 miles away. But this song will always bring me back to those memories. It's a song of deep longing and confusion. It's about your world being turned upside down by someone you can't have. It's about falling for someone right when you thought you had your heart under control ("an ice age catching fire"), and being surprised at how intensely you can want someone. Charlotte Martin captures that feeling perfectly in this poetic, beautiful song.
    blondeoptimist94on February 26, 2013   Link

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